Netflix: What’s New, and What’s Leaving

Following their monthly ritual, Netflix has released its list of shows coming to and leaving the streaming platform. The leaving lineup for this month is rather extensive, spanning many genres. 

All six collections of the classic game show Jeopardy! are leaving this month, with no return date in sight. Similarly, The Bachelor appears to be leaving the platform, as season 13 has finished up.  

2007 crime drama Zodiac, featuring Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo, and Robert Downey Jr. Is leaving the platform come the end of the month, along with heist trilogy starring George Clooney Ocean’s 11, which will only have been added to Netflix on November 1, Ocean’s 12, and Ocean’s 13. 

3D adventure film The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl also leaves Netflix on the 30th, which surprises some Minnesota State University, Mankato students. Matt Trenne, an MNSU student, expressed his shock by saying, I loved that movie as a kid, it’s a good nostalgia movie.”

Additional films leaving Netflix include The Addam’s Family, West Side Story, Spaceballs, Silence of the Lambs, and Zathura. 

To combat all the content leaving the platform, Netflix is bringing many new options for their viewers. 

These new movies and shows include Boyz in the Hood, a 1991 film, follows Tre Styles, played by Cuba Gooding Jr., who is sent to live with his father Furious Styles, played by Lawrence Fishburne, in Los Angeles. Here, he is surrounded by the neighborhood’s growing gang culture.  

A Clockwork Orange is also being added to Netflix this month. The film uses uncomfortable images for a dystopian future to raise awareness on youth gangs as well as other social subjects.

V for Vendetta is another political dystopian film being added to the streaming platform this month.  This film is set in a future where a fascist totalitarian regime has taken control of the United Kingdom. The film focuses on V (Hugo Weaving), who is an anarchist and freedom fighter who attempt to create revolution through terrorism. 

MNSU student Lexi Verhage said that there are a couple shows she watches “that have new seasons coming out that [she’s] really excited for.” 

Additionally, joining the queue will be teen drama-comedy Easy A, Kevin James comedy Paul Blart: Mall Cop,1994 The Next Karate Kid, which gender-flipped a major franchise by starring Hilary Swank, Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey featuring original songs by John Legend, and new weekly episodes of The Great British Baking Show. 

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