Senator Spotlight: Afnan Husain

This week’s Minnesota State University, Mankato Senator spotlight is on Senator Afnan Husain. Husain is currently a sophomore majoring in Computer Science with minors in Math and German.

Husain currently holds the position of one of three College of Science and Engineering Technology Senators. Along with this, she is also the chairwoman for the Ethics and Standards Commission and is on the Academic Affairs Committee. 

“I joined the Student Government because I saw people struggling in the CSET department with advising and just getting in touch with their professors in general. I wanted to be able to help them,” Husain said. 

“I really wanted to bridge the gap and have their voices be heard.” 

Outside of Student Government, Husain is involved in many other activities. She is the President of Student Association of India, an Honors Ambassador, a Maverick Global Ambassador, and a Learning Community Coordinator.

With all of this, Husain may be busy, but she makes sure to get the work done and improve the academic lives for students.

Currently, in her position, Husain is working to reform the CSET Advising Department. With this, it would make it easier for students in that major to have access to help, potential jobs, internships, and learning opportunities.

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