Grabbing a Bite on Campus, Where’s the Hot Spot?

Minnesota State University, Mankato has a variety of choices when it comes to finding a delicious meal. From fan favorites to breakfast foods, stopping to refueling with a coffee or finding a healthy meal that reminds you of home, MNSU has it all.

As the fall semester at MNSU is almost over, here are some students’ favorite places to eat on campus.

“Julia Sears breakfast food is my favorite place to eat on campus. My favorite is their pancakes with cheesy eggs and turkey bacon. Terry by far cooks it best and is very nice to everyone,” student Audrey Hopwood said.

While the dorms might have some great breakfast food available, there are other options on the other end of campus.

“Einstein’s avocado toast and coffee are really good. I didn’t start drinking coffee until I got to college and Einstein’s is my favorite place,” student Alex Whittiwer said.

Not only does MNSU offer a meal plan that grants you access to the dining center, but also provides an abundance of foods that cater to all students’ interests and dietary needs.

However, the dining center isn’t the only place you can find tasty bites. The Centennial Student Union also provides all sorts of meals for students, including international foods.

“My favorite place to eat on campus is Star Ginger in the bottom of the CSU. I really enjoy their iced tai tea and boba tea,” commented MNSU student Danielle Rydberg.

Fan favorites that some students might find back in their hometowns is also a big hit at MNSU.

“My favorite here is definitely Chick-fil-A. I usually get just the regular chicken sandwich with Chick-fil-A sauce,” student Sean Bergeman said.

Along with this, Kaylyn Haeg, sophomore at MNSU added on, “Just the regular Chick-fil-A sandwiches are really good, but I also really enjoy the Taco Bell here.” 

If students wish to make better eating habits, there are options for them throughout the university.

Julia Player, freshman at MNSU, said, “I’d say my favorite is Erberts and Gerberts because it’s a healthier option and tastes good.”

Students also have the option to hit convenience stores within some of the residence halls that are also equipped with food service, such as Chets in Carkoski Commons.

“Chets is my favorite, their grilled cheese is really good. It’s also nice they have a little convenience area,” Isabela Munoz, freshman at MNSU said.

MNSU has over 10  alternative dining places besides the dining center that many students like to grab a bite to eat at, refuel with a coffee, or get a quick snack when going about their day around campus. These are all found within the CSU or other small places around campus.

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