Peterson: What Zodiac Sun Signs Don’t Pass the Vibe Check

Jenna Peterson ® News Director |

Astrology is one of the many things where people either think it’s completely fake or completely true. I am one of the many people who will judge others based on their zodiac signs and will hold severe and genuine grudges for no other reason than their star chart. 

As an astrology “expert” who has gained an immense amount of knowledge within the past year, I can confirm with every fiber of my being that my opinions on this subjective matter are objective facts.

To stay on a broader spectrum, I’ll be observing only the sun aspect of one’s zodiac lineup. The sun sign is what makes up one’s identity and personality. This is the sign most people associate themselves with, since it’s the one based on your birthday.

Beginning with friendship, Virgos are people I typically don’t want to spend too much time with. They tend to look down on other people and will always believe they’re in the right, there’s no convincing them they’re not. While they might seem to have the best intentions in mind they will always drop others the second they’re no longer needed. Virgos are also the sign I see to be the most fake.

Sagittarius people can go either way for me, they can either be really great or really terrible, there’s no inbetween. When expressing their feelings they can come off as harsh and rude when really they’re just being straightforward. They’re not afraid to tell it how it is even if it means hurting other people’s feelings. The Sagittarius sign can also be strong willed for what they believe in. 

Rounding up my strong thoughts on zodiac signs, Leos can be great friends to hype you up and make you believe in yourself. With their all too common god complex, they truly don’t care much about other people’s opinions or expectations. Leos will know their self-worth and make sure you know yours as well. Their adventurous personality makes for a great friendship.

On a relationship aspect, Leos can also be the worst. Their large ego can make them feel invincible and take actions they may later regret. Leos will also put themselves first, which isn’t a bad thing, but can also harm other people without realizing it (or maybe they do and just don’t care enough).

Another zodiac sign I hold some strong feelings to are Aquarius. People who have this sun sign are typically seen as creative and idealists, which is true in a sense. I’ve had both friendship and romantic encounters with this sign, but both fell through for the right reasons. This sign is stubborn and unpredictable, leaving others unknown to what can happen.

It wouldn’t be right for me to bash other zodiac signs without criticizing myself, so here’s what I think about Libras, which is my sun sign. We are known as the peacekeepers within the zodiac, but when someone wrongs us we will strive for revenge. 

Libras are also way too indecisive, so who knows if that planned revenge will actually fall through. As much as I’d like to deny it, Libras are also abrupt liars, making it difficult to know when they’re being truthful. 

This is only a light insight to the zodiac signs and to not be taken too seriously. Each sign holds their own unique aspects and balance each other with their differing traits.

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