What’s on Wednesday: Potting Plants, “Then vs. Now”, Vision Boards

Sydney Berggren ® Staff Writer |

Plants, door decks, vision boards and guessing games are what Minnesota State University, Mankato dorm residents have to look forward to this Wednesday for their WOW events.  

At 8 p.m Preska will be hosting a “Potting and Planting” event, where residents will be provided small pots to decorate for their new dorm decor. There will then be spoil and plant seeds available for students to fill their pot with, stated by Preska Community Advisor Whitney Isaacson. 

Crawford residents will also be able to unlock their creative outlet with a “2021 Vision Boards” event as an opportunity to consider the future while crafting. CAs Madysen Frey and Liz Fink are coordinating it, and Frey stated, “As the new year is here, Liz and I thought it would be fun for residents to sit down and make a collage of what they would like the rest of their year to look like.” 

Magazines, glue, and paper will be supplied to residents, allowing them to be creative and envision their future for 2021. This event will take place from 7-9 p.m. in the Crawford Lobby. 

The McElroy residence community will be participating in a gameshow type of event with “Then vs Now.” Baby photos have been gathered of the McElroy staff and residents must attempt to match up the baby photo with the correct staff member. Photos will be up before the event starts to allow residents to look ahead of time and begin to formulate guesses. 

“Those who get the most matches correct will be entered to win a variety of prizes from snack packs to cool décor for their room,” said Hall Director Grace Riggert. 

Snacks will be provided from 7-8 p.m. in the lobby while CAs collect guesses and tabulate scores. 

Julia Sears is hosting a relaxing night of door dec, which is a decoration that could be hung up on a door. Snacks and supplies will be provided for residents to customize their decs and show off their artistic skills from 6:30-9 p.m.

MNSU first-year Faith Peterson commented, “I look forward to going to the WOWs each week. They help give me some time to decompress and meet new people.”

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