Peterson: “Bridgerton” Brings both Disappointment and Pleasure

Jenna Peterson ® News Director |

Another Netflix original series has hit the streaming platform and people are going nuts for it. “Bridgerton” is letting everyone live their Regency-era dreams with extravagant balls, intense drama and never-ending love affairs. 

I finally caved in after my TikTok for you page was filled with “Bridgerton” videos, and I’m split on whether I like it or not. There are characters that resonate with me, and others that endlessly got on my nerves and annoyed me.

Daphne Bridgerton is arguably the worst-written character in the show despite being the protagonist. There is no character development for her throughout the show and she is bland compared to the other characters. 

Each wedding season the Queen chooses a “diamond of the season,” or a girl who stands out to the rest of the eligible bachelorettes and is considered the best option for a wife. In this season, Daphne was the Queen’s choice, and I see the only reason being Daphne is skinny and pretty, instead of who she actually is as a person.

This character also struggles to comprehend simple concepts since her mother never taught her anything regarding relationships, which set her up for lots of confusion with her husband, Simon Bassett. Daphne goes into her marriage with no knowledge of the process of creating children, leading to a controversial decision from the viewers.

Simon always made it known that he didn’t want children due to the lack of a loving father figure in his childhood. His father was always cold and abusive towards Simon, and because of this Simon didn’t want to carry on the family name.

Daphne was told by Simon that he wasn’t physically able to have children, even though it was her life goal to become a mother. When she learned the truth behind Simon’s lie and how to start a family, she took advantage of him without his consent. 

Obviously, Simon shouldn’t have lied to her and could have approached the situation differently since Daphne is so naïve, but Daphne’s actions were far worse and unforgiving.

My last strong opinion of the show comes with Lady Whistledown Society Papers, the town’s gossip newsletter. This newsletter holds strong power over everyone in the town as it dishes out the dirtiest secrets and (adjective) scandals. I can appreciate the influence it holds, but my issue is with who Lady Whistledown is.

The reveal of the author behind the newsletter was way too early, since there will be a second season of the show. In the remaining minute of the finale, Penelope Featherington was shown writing the next issue of the newsletter, in result being Lady Whistledown. This didn’t quite shock me and leaves me in confusion as to how the creators will build off this reveal for the second season.

Despite all of this, I already know I’ll be watching the next season with a bowl of popcorn in hand the second it comes out.

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