Editorial: We Need to Actively Hold Biden Accountable

With the election and the inauguration behind us, we need to start looking forward. We as the people must begin to ask ourselves what we expect out of our newest president. 

As with any president, but especially with our last, there was an abundance of criticism of every action that was taken. This is not without good reason. With the presidency comes the eyes and opinions of not only the country, but also of the world. 

People’s passion for the political world tends to burn bright during an election season, then burn out for the three years leading up to the next election. 

While political conversations are more common during the election cycle, we cannot forget to stay on top of the news, as what a president chooses to do will impact us as the American populous. We must stay vigilant and continue to question those who are in authority. 

This vigilance is incredibly important for those who chose to vote for Joe Biden. There were promises made on the campaign trail, and it is the job of the American people to make sure that these promises are kept. 

Probably the largest issue put onto the ballot by Biden was the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. The new president has promised a stronger and quicker response to the virus, with a more demanding mask mandate and a speedy dispersal of the vaccine. 

We need to continue to evaluate these moves and make sure that they are effective in curbing the pandemic. COVID numbers are decreasing and the number of people that are getting the vaccine is increasing. We need to see a relationship between Biden’s policies and the effect that they have on the pandemic. 

In the event of this new strategy not working, even supporters of Biden need to be ready to criticize his efforts. We cannot allow party-line politics dictate our views of the president. Just because he is on the same side of the aisle as you does not mean that everything he does will be perfect. 

For those who disagree with our new president’s policies, now is the time to voice your grievances. Conservatives should use Biden’s term in office as means to compare the results of a democrat in office versus a republican. 

Before the pandemic, the Trump administration gained a lot of support for a flourishing economy. A large amount of the credit was taken by the administration’s renegotiations of trade deals such as NAFTA, as well as harder dealings with China. 

Conservatives should carry a healthy amount of apprehension for the Biden administration’s hands-on approach to recovering the economy post pandemic. 

Many Americans are hurting financially, due to hours and job cuts, so Biden’s near two trillion dollar stimulus bill is designed to help these people. However, if we see no economic improvement, there will have been a sizable amount of money lost by the American people. 

In short, Joe Biden needs to be held accountable for his actions and make sure his promises are kept. After all, the president is a public servant, and we need to ensure that Biden serves the public. 

Header photo by Evan Vucci/AP Photo.

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