During the Pandemic, we must Support our Theatre Department

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Winter is here. It’s cold. No one knows what to do except sit in their houses with the heat blasting sitting under warm blankets. 

As things begin to open up, with COVID-19 restrictions beginning to loosen up, we are starting to see an influx in available activities on campus to take part in. 

With movie releases moving into the living room via streaming services and social media platforms, such as TikTok, becoming a main source of entertainment, we cannot forget to appreciate one of the most original forms of entertainment, live theatre. 

Live theatre has been around for centuries and there is a good reason. There is something very different about watching a filmed and pre-captured performance from actors that were miles and miles away, versus the authentic and real performances that come from actors in a live setting. 

There is an honest and very real relationship that is formed between the performer and the audience that simply cannot be replicated without being an in-person performance.

Whether the show is a massive musical with grandiose dance numbers and show stopping ballads, a close knit comedic cast, or a brilliantly intimate drama, there is a play that will fill anyone’s cup. 

In this time of COVID-19, the theatre department at Minnesota State University, Mankato has been working tirelessly to create meaningful and great shows to keep the art alive. They have been using various techniques and costuming to keep everyone on stage as well as the audience safe from the pandemic. 

While it isn’t normal, the cast and crew strive to keep the theatre a place for escapism by using clear masks to ensure the actor’s facial expression is still seen by the audience, or keeping the actors socially distant during their scenes, without it being intrusive on the scene.

We, as the students of MNSU Mankato, should recognize the hard work and passion that our fellow students are putting into their artistic craft and strive to support them in their endeavors. 

It is very common to show our support for our athletic teams, whether it is going to the games when we can or just keeping up with the scores. We should add our theatre department to the list of institutions that we are proud of and work hard to support. 

The best part of supporting our theatre department is that it is enjoyable. Going to see a play is just as, if not more enjoyable than, watching a movie at home. To add to that, you are supporting members of our University, and during this time of pandemic, we cannot forget how important that is.

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