Peterson: Pandemic is still alive, spring break safely

Once again, the time has come. 

After eight stress-filled weeks of hitting the books and studying, Minnesota State University, Mankato students are making plans to relax during their spring break. 

And these students should be doing just that. It’s justified to unwind for a short while when you’ve got the time, but we all need to keep in mind COVID-19 is still around and we need to be safe on our break. 

If you’re going to travel, do so safely and with precautions set ahead. Be sure to still wear a mask and social distance when you’re out and about and to keep your “circle” small. The more people you expose yourself to, the higher your chances of getting sick.

Despite the circumstances, there are still some great places to travel to. If you’re like me and haven’t been home in a few months, this is a great place to travel to for the break. Seeing family and friends while being safe is a fantastic way to recharge.

There are other options as well if you’d like to stay in the Mankato area. As the temps rise the hiking trails are welcoming people back. Some nature hikes I highly enjoy include those in Minneopa State Park and Red Jacket Trail, as they are both close by and have easy trails to walk.

Other popular trails in Mankato include the Sakatah Trail, Old Warren Street Trail, Rasmussen Woods, and Sibley Park. All of these parks and trails are located a short drive from campus. Some are even within walking distance. 

If you’re looking to take a bigger trip you can still do so. Road trips are a safer bet than making use of public transportation. These types of trips can also create more memories and allow you to make more frequent stops and admire the beauty you see. National parks, family or other small attractions are great places to visit while road tripping.

Remember that we are in complete control of how this virus affects our campus. Keeping your circle small, wearing a mask, social distancing and being smart about your actions are what will help the student population return to campus and try to get back to normalcy. 

If we want to have the events we’re missing out on, we need to be mindful of how we react to the pandemic.

Header photo from Flickr.

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