CS:GO varsity team looks ahead to playoffs

From a small group of gamers in the Maverick Gaming Community, to a varsity program, supported by the University, the MNSU Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team, a first-person shooter game, has finished their regular season in the National Association of Collegiate Esports league with a 4-1 record, finishing in second place in their group, and will enter the playoffs in a winning position.

The CS:GO squad won their first four matches of the year, until they were taken down by Michigan Tech University in what was their toughest match of the year. 

The Mavericks won their first two matches of the season against Trine University and Southwest Minnesota State by scores of 16-10 and 16-3, respectively. They went on to dominate Wayland Baptist University and Eastern Kentucky University, winning each match 16-0. Their run came to a halt this week when they were taken down by MTU, 16-4.

The captain of the team, Tristan “Stanzell” Pizel, gave some insight to what led to the team’s first loss of the season. 

“They didn’t leave us any room for mistakes,” he said. “They’re probably one of the best teams in the league.”

Pizel is a senior majoring in computer information technology and has been playing in the competitive CS:GO scene since 2016. Pizel has played around 4,000 hours of CS:GO and has reached the rank of Global Elite.

Going into playoffs means the time is now to show up. “I’m confident my teammates and I will play our hearts out.” Pizel said. “I’m trying to leave my legacy behind and hope it doesn’t fizzle out when I leave,” he said, regarding the season’s end.

The Maverick Esports varsity program is recruiting students to try out for CS:GO, as well as their other titles for next fall. Students can register at

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