No strings attached: Students love to hammock

There are many things that a Minnesota State University, Mankato student can do when warmer weather rolls around. They can enjoy the sun at the picnic tables around campus, walk to get food from the commons, or attend some of the activities hosted by the Student Events Team. 

A rising craze, marked by colorful pieces of nylon strung between trees, is hammocking.  

Known also by the term “’mocking,” hammocking is described by MNSU freshman Faith Peterson as, “This is when you set up a hammock anywhere and everywhere with friends and just hang.” 

Many students enjoy hammocking for the simple fact that it is an affordable activity, with good-quality camping hammocks often costing less than $30, that can be done anywhere, and is quite social.  

Additionally, the activity is one that allows students to decompress from day-to-day life. 

“I enjoy reading in the sun. I can also people-watch and listen to music while hammocking,” says MNSU junior Zoe Macklanburg. 

A friend of hers, sophomore Mikayla Witter, enjoys a multitude of pass-times when hammocking as well.

“I like to relax, listen to music, or work, while absorbing the sun,” Wittler explained. 

Many of the students on campus take advantage of the well-known and loved spots to hammock. 

“We’ve come out to this spot twice now, and really enjoy it,” says freshman Iyanna Booth, who was sitting in her hammock in the open area beside the library. 

When not in that spot, Booth explained, “I also enjoy hammocking in the little wooded area behind Crawford, especially when I plan to be out only for a little while.” 

Fellow freshman Gabby Furleigh, who was hammocking with Booth, said that she enjoys setting up on the lawn of the Performing Arts Center. 

“It’s nice because you can have a bigger number of people with you and there are more trees to set up on,” Furleigh stated. 

The Performing Arts Center seems to be one of the most popular spots, having been cited by many students as their favorite, especially when they are hammocking with friends. 

“I see people out there all the time,” said Peterson.  

Both Macklanburg and Witter mentioned a specific set of three trees on the PA lawn that they frequent. “I can people watch there, and listen to music,” says Macklanburg. 

Witter mentioned that she enjoys it because, “It’s close to McElroy and I know lots of people who hammock over there too.” 

It is not an uncommon sight to see a multitude of students out and setting up their hammocks to get a little break from stresses, especially now that spring is making a rapid approach. This popular activity is continuously growing and creates a social opportunity for anyone interested. 

Take advantage of the spread of campus. Where is your hammocking spot? 

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