Senator Spotlight: Sarvesh Parte

Minnesota State University, Mankato senior Sarvesh Parte is one of the many who felt the desire to join the student government organization. As a student double majoring in aviation professional flight and aviation management, Partre was able to recognize the issues at hand that needed to be fixed. 

“I was seeing some of the problems we were facing in the management division for my department in aviation. I knew some of the issues students were facing and I thought that I would help them in some way to better their education experience,” Parte explained.

The senator also has friends within the aviation department, so it was easy to receive the feedback needed in order to resolve the issues they were going through.

“There are four departments within the aviation program, so I can easily get information about the other areas through my friends. We’ll usually sit around and discuss what’s going on in each of them,” Parte stated.

Outside of the Student Senate, Parte is a member of the Student Association of India Committee, as well as the Student Affairs Committee.

As one of the College of Education Senators, Parte has been able to address many issues throughout the years. Last semester, he focused on improving the departments for aviation professional flight, aviation management, and military students. 

This semester, Parte is shifting much of his focus on the Elementary Education students in order to help make their education fit to real world situations and training.

Reflecting back on the years of his service, Parte was able to point out some of the biggest successes he had and the most influential lessons he has learned. 

“ I have learned a lot about politics. Before getting into the Senate, I didn’t have any knowledge about how politics works, or how the government works. Then, through time, I have been able to learn the functions of government and how important it is.”

During his time in Student Senate, Parte has enjoyed meeting people from around the MNSU community and the friends he has made within the Student Senate.

Moving into the next part of life after college, Parte is very grateful for everything he has learned during his time within the government organization. 

“There are lots of skills I’ve learned, such as leadership and communication skills. For example, talking to the Deans or Department leaders here have helped improve my communication skills. Another attribute to Student Government is the teamwork and leadership skills I’ve gained.”

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