Dorms wrap up WOW events with games, carnival, and movie screening

This Wednesday the Minnesota State University, Mankato residence halls will be hosting their end-of-year celebrations. If this seems a bit early, you’d be correct. Preska Hall Director Jesse Heath says, “We’re holding these celebrations earlier than normal in case students want to head home early, prior to finals week. Our strategy was to move it up and to have the most students participate as possible.” 

Preska is throwing their “Preskapalooza” in the Bullpen on Wednesday. From 7 – 9 p. m. the Bullpen is open for  bowling, billiards, ping pong, and video games. Preska staff is providing a nacho bar for attending residents, and the snack bar will also be open for purchases. Heath adds on, “There will be an assortment of prizes for students to earn by attending.” 

McElroy residence hall is hosting “MAC Goes to the Movies,” from 8 – 10:30 p. m., according to hall director Grace Riggert. The hall is hosting an outdoor movie in McElroy’s front parking lot, weather permitting. 

Through McElroy’s Instagram account, residents voted for the film “Knives Out” to be presented. Tarps will be provided to cover the ground, and it is encouraged for residents to bring blankets, pillows, or sleeping bags to get comfortable. 

“We’ll also be providing a variety of snacks and beverages for residents to enjoy,” says Riggert. 

A Mario Kart tournament is in the books for Julia Sears this Wednesday, from 6:30 – 9 p.m. Residents can come to the dorm lobby and compete in different matches throughout the evening on the big screen. 

Every half an hour winners will be chosen and receive a prize. The hall is also providing multiple snacks throughout the event. 

Sears resident Tyler Saltzman commented, “The gaming tournament sounds like a fun way to get out of my dorm for a while.” 

Crawford’s bash is a big one – the Crawford Carnival. According to Hall Director Chris Farvour, “The Crawford Carnival is an annual tradition that offers Crawford Residence Community students the opportunity to end the year with a bang!” 

Running from 5 – 7 p.m. the event features carnival-style attractions and inspired snacks. Residents will be able to compete in water balloon races, balloon dart games, bottle ring toss events, and many other carnival activities. Food includes snow cones, popcorn, mini corndogs, caramel apples, and funnel cake. 

“In the past,” says Farvour, “this event has been a popular opportunity among international students to volunteer and engage in the Crawford community.” 

The carnival will be staffed by Crawford’s Community Advisors, Community Representatives, and others who are looking to be part of the fun. 

“I’m really looking forward to the carnival,” says Crawford CA Matthew Trenne, “particularly the games and funnel cake.” 

Wherever you attend a WOW this Wednesday, it seems that you are guaranteed an unforgettable time along with some tasty snacks.

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