Voting open for Student Government

Voting for next year’s Student Government opened yesterday, and is open until today at 6 pm. 

This election is the first election in the foreseeable history to be uncontested when it comes to the presidential and vice presidential position. 

The only party that is on the ballot is the “Empowering Mavericks”, led by current Senator Reauna Stiff and Speaker of the Senate Kara Svercl. 

The party’s platform is based around Stiff’s background in off-campus housing, aiming to advocate for issues that are unique to off-campus students such as parking and leasing problems. 

Another stance that the party wishes to address is student basic needs, with a proposed “Student Basic Needs Hub”, which would create allow for the centralization of various services available for students facing food insecurity, homelessness, or other basic need crises. 

There are several students vying for Student Government positions, most of who are on the ballot are running under Empowering Mavericks. 

The Student Government is, as described on their website, “represents all students at the Institutional, Local, State and Federal governing levels through listening to and voicing the thoughts, ideas, and concerns of all students.”

Students are able to vote today either at some voting locations across campus, or online at

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