Editorial: Empowering Mavericks are the right choice for Student Government

That time is upon us, Student Government elections. During this election cycle The Reporter is endorsing the Empowering Mavericks party for the Student Government. 

As there is only one party campaigning for the votes of the students, the choice is clear as to who can and should be elected as the president and vice-president of the Student Government, Senator Reuana Stiff and Speaker Kara Svercl. 

During their time at MNSU the two have exemplified strong leadership, both serving in the Student Government.

Stiff has worked at length since her arrival here at MNSU, advocating as an off-campus senator, as well as performing her duties as an at-large senator more recently. 

Svercl has also exhibited the experience necessary to perform as a strong vice-president, serving as last year’s senate speaker, and, during her time as senator, bringing the program “Swipe-Out Hunger” to MNSU in hopes to quell the rise of food insecurity.

As we review the candidate’s platforms we have to break them down into their own skill sets and experience. 

Stiff comes in with an immense amount of experience and expertise from living off-campus, and working as an off-campus senator is well versed and familiar with the issues that pertain to that section of students.

Stiff’s goals to create a larger free lot will be extremely beneficial for students that live off campus, as parking for students who have to commute is always an issue. For these students, the only options available are to pay over 100 dollars for a parking pass, which only gets them slightly closer. 

While the addition of a new fee would be an added financial burden to on campus students who do not need to use the free lot, many of these students, at some point during their academic career, are likely to move off campus. 

In addition to the parking changes, Stiff is adamant on increased advocacy for students living in off campus housing. The candidate aims for the University to partner with these housing complexes in a move that, if done well, would greatly improve the living situations for these students.

Svercl has the experience within the government, as well as with working with students basic needs to create the “Student Basic Needs Hub”, which would be an amazing addition to our campus. 

With this hub, students who are in need would greatly benefit from the increased access to the resources that are available to them, as well as create a centralized location to help to get these students the help that they need. 

With these, in addition to their international student, diversity, and pandemic platforms, the Empowering Mavericks are the correct candidates to run the Student Government next year.

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