Senator Spotlight: Edward Sweeney

Non-traditional Normandale Community College student Edward Sweeney recognized the lack of representation he and other remote students receive through the Minnesota State University, Mankato Student Government and decided to do something about it.

“I wanted to join the Student Government to help remote students receive the support and resources they desire. We’re often forgotten about and I want to help end that stigma,” Sweeney stated.

While he may not be on the MNSU campus, Sweeney is still determined to be involved in the important decisions that will better the campus life for all students. To do so, Sweeney is working to improve textbook availability and software programs for remote students. 

He further explained how the Normandale Community College has a smaller library compared to other colleges and the students need cheaper and easier ways to access their textbooks for class. 

“I’m working to get resources from the Mankato campus to our community campus,” Sweeney continued, “It’s important to also help out our students and faculty.”

The Senator has been involved with the government as of January this year to help fill a spot, but due to other life commitments, he will not be joining back in the fall semester.

Despite this, he hopes his time and commitment has influenced the other Senators to get involved with the government in some aspect.

Sweeney shared some of the great things that come from being a Senator, “This is a unique experience, as you get to be a part of the solution that will help the future of the universities and colleges. I’ve also been able to give some wisdom I’ve learned through my life to my fellow students.”

In the future, Sweeney has high hopes for the government and wishes them the best of successes. “In the years to come, I’d like to see the senators make it a goal of theirs to include the off site students in their plans. Including them in the budget would also be beneficial.”

Sweeney wishes to continue educating his fellow senators about off site students and the importance of helping them as well as the MNSU students. 

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