Editorial: 4-year education should be the minimum for law enforcement

A career in marketing, a career in education, a career in engineering. What do these and a multitude of other career paths have in common? 

They require more schooling than a career in police work. 

Minnesota actually has a higher requirement for secondary education, with the minimum being a two year associate’s degree. While many still choose to partake in a four year Law Enforcement degree, many opt in for the easier tech-school route. 

Unfortunately, this requirement has time and again proven to not be enough. 

Even with Minnesota having one of the higher educational requirements for our police officers, we are still the location of the killings of George Floyd and Philando Castille. 

So in what way can we better train the law enforcement institutions of our local, state and nation? Education. 

It seems simple that almost all careers in this country require a full four year education before being able to get a job in a given career path. 

It is abhorrent and tragic that it requires more education and training to go into a career in business management than in law enforcement. 

The technical understanding of the law that is being enforced seems like an enormous part of what police officers should be studying. 

This includes judicial precedents, legalities, and constitutional rights that all citizens have. 

On top of an excellent understanding of the law, it is imperative that these police officers in training get the necessary training to perform under extreme circumstances. 

There are extreme and strenuous circumstances that police officers face every single day, and it is crucial that the people in those positions have the training needed to adequately face those situations. 

It seems odd that there is yet to be conversation on the lack of training necessary for law enforcement, especially when compared to other life responsible careers. 

Medical careers require years of education so that when that life threatening situation comes to pass, they know exactly what to do, and the best way to handle it. 

The single best way we have to at least hold our law enforcement accountable is by putting them through a more rigorous training regime that includes higher education. 

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