Student approaches differ when it comes to finals

As finals week rapidly approaches, many Minnesota State University, Mankato students are grinding out there last week of the semester (or even the final days of their college career). At the same time, students are also looking to spend time with the friends they made here before they head home for the summer or graduate. 

Many medical and nursing majors are prepping for their final practicals. 

“I have my lab practicum on Friday that I have really been preparing for,” freshman bio-med major Abigail Johnson said. “I’ve spent countless hours in the library getting ready to take this exam.” 

Other students, like freshman Hailey Bacon, are using this time to go over all of their previous class notes. 

“I have been rewatching all of my Zoom meetings and looking through all my notes so I can be prepped for any questions that may come my way,” Bacon said. 

Similarly, junior Zane Coyle said, “I’ve been reviewing all my notes and practicing with other students in my class so we can all succeed. I’ve also visited and talked with my professors whenever I have questions about a certain topic so I can fully understand each concept.” 

Each student has their own preferred method of studying class material.

“I study in one to two hour periods with breaks in between so I can mentally refresh,” sophomore Brady Nelson said.  

Junior Jack Wheeler said he likes to spend time alone to study. 

“It’s been hard to juggle my time with working and all of the student organizations I’m involved in,” he said, “but I always try to take time for myself and listen to music and go over the materials I learned throughout my classes.” 

For those who are leaving campus as the semester wraps up, studying for finals as well as enjoying time with friends can be difficult. 

Sophomore Natalie Horn is one of the many students dealing with this. 

“While also studying for finals, I am trying to spend as much time with my friends before I have to move back home at the end of the semester. It’s bittersweet,” she said. “I’m excited to complete the semester, but I don’t want to leave my friends.” 

Senior Hope Wickert said she’s excited to complete her final semester. 

“I wrote down all of the assignments and finals I have left in every class, along with the day and time they’re due. It’s color coded so I can get them done in the order they’re due,” she explained. “I’ve made note cards for tests I have and am practicing them for a little bit everyday before I go to bed. I’m just making sure that everything is going to be done in a timely manner and am wrapping things up for graduation.”

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