Intramural sports: how to get involved

Along with the beginning of the new school year comes many in person activities for students to participate in, one of them being intramural sports. MSU provides a very wide range of intramural sports for students, faculty, staff, and other members of the campus community.

A common misconception of intramurals is that you need a team to sign up, but here at MSU, there is a wide variety of sports that let you compete individually or even as a pair. It is as simple as grabbing your roommate, sibling, or colleague and signing up for a sport you want to compete in!

If you are interested in intramurals, signing up is easy. Simply, head over to the Intramural Sports and Sports Clubs section under “Campus Recreation” where you’ll find the registration forms.

The registration window for all sports can vary, so make sure you check out the official Fall 2021 Intramural Schedule to see when your desired sport’s window begins. Like previously stated, there is a lot to choose from with a 23 sport list.

It may be daunting to look at such a wide variety, so to highlight some of the more traditional activities, here is a short list: golf, slowpitch softball, flag football, basketball, and volleyball. If you are looking for something you may have never played competitively before, you can try, Spikeball, football pick’em, or even wallyball.

At MSU, everyone is encouraged to play to the best of their abilities, but a fun, participatory, and structured environment is most important to the school’s intramural competition and does not support a win-at-all-cost attitude as advertised on their intramural page.

“It promotes and reinforces teamwork and personal accomplishment, mutual respect and integrity, competition and recreation, as well as skill and exercise,” as stated on the intramural sports home page.

Nate Kacer, a senior manufacturing engineering major, gave his personal insight on the intramural scene. Nate was involved in intramural hockey, softball, and basketball in previous years and is looking forward to participating in intramurals again this academic year. 

In an interview this past Wednesday, Kacer said “I signed up with a bunch of friends that I lived with in the dorms. There were even a couple people on my team that even did the free agent option,” when asked about how he got involved with intramural sports.

He also stated, “My experience with intramurals is that it’s a mix of competitive and casual. The competitiveness made it more fun. I met a lot of people every match and a lot of the relationships have stuck.” 

Nate also made it clear that he never had any poor experiences with intramural sports. He said, “scheduling can be difficult at times if people can’t make it” but explained he enjoyed it all and will participate until he’s not allowed to anymore.

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