Hungry? Check out these restaurants around MNSU

Minnesota State University, Mankato serves up a variety of food options for its students, from the convenience shops in Julia Sears and Carkoski Commons to the Chick-Fil-A in the Centennial Student Union and the Einstein Bagels in Myers Field House. All students are left with now is figuring out what places are worth the hype and what aren’t. 

“I really like going to Jazzman’s,” said Jonathan Mor. “Specifically, I get their Caramel Delight with another shot of caramel. They also have good muffins.” 

Kaitlyn Vomhof agreed with this, stating that she likes Jazzman’s for their iced coffee because, according to her, it’s basic and simple.

“I also eat Weggy’s a lot too,” said Vomhof. “Their portions are great and they’re really chill. I tend to go for their biscuits and gravy.” 

Weggy’s on Campus was a popular choice with MNSU students, with a handful applauding anything chicken from the restaurant, particularly their chicken and waffles dish. 

Multiple students, including Bridget Kavan, also lauded Garbanzo’s in the CSU. According to her, the gyro bowl is her favorite. Caityln Loya echoed that sentiment but said that her favorite meal from Garbonzo’s is the salad bowl.

Emily Anderson mentioned being a fan of the Grab n’ Go option in the CSU. 

“It’s really handy to have if I’m in a rush,” she said.

The Union Grill was recommended by Joey Novak, specifically, “The chocolate chip pancakes are one of my favorites, especially on St. Patty’s Day when they change the batter mix to green.”

Gretchen Otto recommended Star Ginger on the bottom floor of the CSU, stating, “They are the first place I ever got pho, and now I love it. I will order the spicy broth, and I can’t recommend it enough.” 

Many students also mentioned specific things that they are fans of from the University Dining Center, with a group of students recommending many different things.

“The barbecue chicken sandwich from the grill was good,” said Julian Van Beusekan.

Contradicting this, Ella Jones stated, “The build-your-own omelets are nice to have.”

The sandwiches from the deli were recommended by Ethan Elens and Heritage Oni approved of the super cheesy pizza.

There are many food options across campus for people to enjoy and students are finding new favorites every day. From Insomnia Cookies to Taco Bell, Berry Blendz to Erbert and Gerbert’s, there are many places on and around campus to grab a bite.

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