What does your college backpack says about you?

You can tell a lot about a person based on what they wear and how they choose to style themselves. When it comes to accessories in college, your backpack is the one piece that tells a lot about your personality. 

Sporty bags

Nike Elite – The designated backpacks for athletes. Definitely a bag that carries their sports equipment and maybe their laptop. If you’re lucky you’ll find a pencil but you’ll definitely find a beat up notebook that they still use from high school. 

North Face – This is the Jeep of backpacks. An all terrain bag and can be used for every occasion. Perfect for sleepovers, packing your school supplies and lunch boxes, going on a scenic hike, and any other outdoor events such as concerts and festivals. You also can’t forget the hydro flask sitting snug in one of the side pockets.

Stylish bags

Fjallraven Kanken – A more unique and creative person owns one of these backpacks. About 90% of the owners of these bags can’t pronounce the actual name and definitely abbreviate the name when people ask what type of bag it is. People with these bags have color coordinated notebooks and always have extra sticky notes and pencils. 

Jansport – The ultimate and classic backpack. Someone who owns this backpack has most likely had it since high school and will use this bag until it falls apart. This is a reliable and subtle backpack that doesn’t stand out too much and easily blends in with the crowd.

A purse or crossbody bag – These types of backpacks are the backpacks that don’t want to look like backpacks. Definitely a more stylish bag and more popular with women. This is an everyday bag they can easily switch from school mode to going out mode. Both school items and purse items will be found in them such as lip gloss, hair brush, snacks, etc. This bag is equivalent to the Mary Poppins bag, otherwise known as a never-ending black hole.

Lululemon – This is a very subtle backpack. They are geared towards a more minimalistic style and are usually found in a solid color like black, grey, or brown. An honorable mention goes to the lululemon belt bag that you wear across your chest.

Boujee bags

Designer – Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Channel and more. If you have a designer backpack you most likely care about appearances. You also most likely enjoy elevating your outfits and want to look good while studying, which you often achieve. 

Herschel bags – Stylish and luxurious, this backpack is good quality although the price is questionable. If you have this bag you most likely have the newest edition of AirPods and like matching your socks and underwear.

Overall the backpack you choose to wear and carry your things in doesn’t matter nearly as much as the item you choose to put into them.

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