What does it mean to be a Maverick?

It’s been almost two years since the conclusion of our last “normal” semester. Since then, two classes of students have moved on to bigger and better things, while another two classes of students have begun their journey at our university.

As people come and go, so does culture. With half of the university not being able to live a typical college experience, the new classes of students don’t necessarily know what being a Maverick is all about.

There are several things that make our university unique, but what is the best way that captures the essence of being a Maverick?

Something to ask ourselves is what is the defining factor that drew you to Minnesota State University, Mankato?

For some, it might have been the major that was offered. For others, it might have been the successful athletics program that MNSU offers.

Over the last few years, MNSU sports teams have been going lengths that our university has never seen before. From our Division I men’s and hockey program, who was a national semifinalist, and the national finalist football team, all the way to our club sports and our Varsity Esports program, sports has always been an integral part of our university’s student body.

Understandably, athletics isn’t for everyone. Food is always a hot topic on campus with the likes of chicken nugget Friday at the University Dining Center, Chet’s and the grill in the dorms, and Weggy’s right across the street from the Taylor Center. Food has always brought people together on campus and will always spark a conversation and give students something to bond over.

On campus, getting involved and joining an RSO or some other organization can really show what it is like to be a Maverick. When you join a club on campus, you become a representative of MNSU and whatever club it may be that you’re joining. 

There are so many different ways that can describe what being a Maverick is all about. We need to take this year in stride and redefine what Maverick spirit is and how we should reignite it.

Not only does campus reopening make it the perfect time for the MNSU campus to find itself again, but a new presence in leadership has revealed itself in President Inch taking on his first year as a Maverick.

A huge contributor to this new sense discovery of our culture is the introduction of the new university president. President Inch has exhibited himself getting close and personal with MNSU students and is on a quest to figure out for himself what it means to be a Maverick.

As we enter into a year with two classes with very little on campus experience, we are posed with an amazing and unique opportunity of which we are essentially left with two classes that are new to the in-person aspects of our campus that truly makes us a community.  In the past year alone, we’ve seen our campus shutdown, several protests, running side by side with our athletics programs breaking barriers that they’ve never knocked down before. If there’s a time to focus on what it means to be at Minnesota State University, Mankato, it’s now.

And there’s no time to waste.

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