Fun things to do in Mankato if the party scene isn’t for you

The Minnesota State University, Mankato campus and the city itself offers a variety of places for students to visit and activities to participate in if they’re looking for a good time. 

Whether the party scene just isn’t for you or you’re just looking for something new, there is something for everyone around the city.

A long-standing favorite activity that students enjoy is the theatre productions put on by the Performing Arts Center. 

“I love to go and see as many theater productions as I can,” said MNSU sophomore Faith Peterson. “The productions here are fantastic.” 

The Theatre Department has a long list of musicals and plays lined up for this year, including “The Sound of Music” and “Slasher”.

As more students are attending classes and living on campus, the MNSU Student Events Team is getting busy planning events all year for students to attend and show their Maverick pride.

Junior Mikayla Witter stated, “I love going to the events that the Student Events Team puts on. Galactic Bingo is probably one of my favorite things to do all year.” 

The Student Events Team’s most notable upcoming events include the 2021 Homecoming concert with Jesse McCartney and the Parents’ Weekend event, hosting comedian Charlie Berens.

Some other fun activities can be found around the Centennial Student Union.

“I enjoy going to the bullpen to bowl with friends sometimes,” said Tabitha Bergstrom. “It helps me chill out, and is always a lot of fun.”

Leo De Souza echoed that sentiment, saying, “Bowling can be a lot of fun. I also think intramural sports are a good time.” 

There are a variety of intramural sports happening throughout the semester, including golf, tennis, pool, volleyball, and darts. Students can sign up to be part of a team by visiting the intramural sports page on the MNSU website.

Students have a variety of self-lead sports to play with friends as well. 

“Me and my friends really enjoy the disc golf course,” noted Kaleb Howze.

“I love rock climbing,” stated Caitlyn Loya. “ I go all the time, and have invested in my own gear. It’s super fun.”

Matthew Trenne recommended sand volleyball. “I am out most nights of the week playing with friends. It’s just a super fun way to meet people and get out some energy. Plus, I’m getting pretty good at volleyball now.”

Another outdoor activity that many students love is hammocking, as there are numerous spots on campus to tie up the hammock and relax.

“I like to go hammock in the trees on the PAC lawn. I center myself, relax, and listen to music. It helps me clear my mind after a long day,” says Kevin Martinez. “I’ll also sometimes read a book out there, or picnic with friends.”

A popular place that many students will spend their evening in is Chet’s Place, the restaurant and convenience store in the Carkoski Commons. 

“I love going there to hang out with friends. Plus, the food is pretty good,” said Becca Stark.

Additionally, off-campus hosts a variety of options for students to choose from. Rasmussen Woods has stunning trails, and is also close enough to campus that students could walk if they wish. 

Minneopa State Park, just shy of five miles away from campus, hosts waterfalls, hiking trails, and bison viewing, and is an entertaining choice if students have visitors. If the water current isn’t too strong and the weather is nice enough, you can take a quick swim by the waterfalls.

Other activities available for students include Kato Escape, an escape room experience near downtown, and Wow! Zone, an arcade and food entertainment center on Adams St.

No matter your interests, Mankato and MNSU have something to offer for everyone.

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