Founders Day event celebrates MNSU’s 153rd birthday

This past Thursday, President Edward Inch addressed Minnesota State University, Mankato while celebrating the school’s 153rd birthday. 

MNSU was founded on Oct. 7, 1868 and President Inch commented on the state of University in 2021. 

“We grew to be something considerably more than the normal school educating teachers and twenty-seven students,” he began. “We grew to be the second largest university in the state and the largest in the university state system. There’s a lot to be proud of here.” 

MNSU now has over 14,000 students enrolled. 

President Inch also briefed the audience of the founder’s day event on some of the school’s history, and even discussed its impacts on a larger scale. 

“That’s one of the things I find remarkable about our University: how closely we’re connected to one another, to the success of our region, and to the success of our state, and so I’m very proud to be here,” he said.

MNSU junior Garbiella Sanchez played with the MavMachine at the event and shared what founder’s day means to them, “It’s a celebration of where we started from. It’s a time to reflect on where we came from and where we are now.” 

Sanchez takes pride in the school as well, explaining, “I had no idea that we had the first female president at a university and that was Julia Sears, which I thought was fantastic.” 

After his speech, President Inch invited David Jones, Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, to share a couple words regarding MNSU’s most recent growth. 

Jones shared, “We have new programming in health; we have health communication degrees. We have seen the importance of communication health during a crisis such as the one we’re going through now.” 

Furthermore, he said, “We have new programs in criminal’s correction law enforcement, and have a new agribusiness and food innovation program as we look at this region’s needs. When we look at issues such as food security, as well as how we deliver better and higher quality foods with sustainable practices around food technologies and many other emerging fields, we look to think about how we can enrich not only our industries, but our society in general.” 

Following David Jones, Student Body President Reauna Stiff provided closing remarks for the day. 

“The University has been educating students for a very long time, preparing them for a better life and preparing them to go out into the workforce,” she began. “And it’ll be here long after we’re gone, and it was here way before we were here. I’m excited to see how the University expands and grows.”

Header photo: Student Government President Reaunna Stiff speaks at the Founders Day event. (Dan Benson/MNSU)

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