Students can receive free tutoring through MNSU campus

For Minnesota State University, Manakto students, getting help with classes isn’t as difficult as it may seem. The Center for Academic Success is one way to receive extra help with overwhelming classes or to participate in the tutoring program. 

Signing up for the tutoring services is easier than one may think. By using the Center for Academic Success’ website, students can sign up by searching for the class they need help with and then selecting one of the available time slots. Students can even request a specific tutor if they have one in mind.

Teresa Neubert, the Assistant Director for Writing, Speech and Languages at the Center for Academic Success said, “It definitely gets busy down here during exam week. We get over 4,000 students each semester, and on top of that over 2,000 in our writing program.” 

Neubert mentioned the popularity of some of the programs within the tutoring center.

“The writing program is definitely popular,” she said. “You can submit your documents to our tutors and get feedback back on them within 24 hours. We don’t just do homework assignments, we also do scholarships and other important documents.” 

Tutoring takes place with a one-on-one basis in the Wiecking Center 321 tutor lab. However, due to COVID-19 circumstances, Zoom options are available for all students. 

Freshman Brynn Burkhalter just started seeing a tutor and said it has helped.

“I’ve been doing it for about a week or two now, but it really does help a lot, especially when you have a tough profesor that goes too fast or doesn’t explain in detail. I just needed a little one-on-one time to help me get it, especially with mid term exams coming up soon,” Burkhalter explained.  

To become a tutor there are a few requirements students must meet to ensure others are receiving helpful tutoring. It states on the center’s website that students must be at least a sophomore and be available to tutor between 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Tutors also must have at least eight hours of open availability with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 while receiving a grade of A or B in the course they would like to tutor in. 

Tutoring is currently the highest paying student work study job on campus, starting at $12 an hour. 

To emphasize the importance of students utilizing the tutoring opportunities, Neubert stated, “I would definitely say that if you’re struggling in any classes tutoring is a really great option. Your tutors have been in your shoes with your professors and often know exactly how to help.”

“The easiest way to contact us or set up a tutoring session with us is definitely to just stop by our Center for Academies Success office. It takes only minutes of our time, and I have seen so many students benefit from it,” Neubert commented.

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