The Herd is the word: MNSU’s student section gets rowdy

When it comes to sporting events at Minnesota State University, Mankato, Maverick hockey takes the cake with the most fans and active supporters in the arena. 

While the players are ultimately the ones making the moves on the ice, the student section, also known as The Herd, plays an important role in bringing school spirit to every game, especially when it gets the whole stadium cheering.

“We just always wanted it to be more hype at the games so I took control of that aspect and became the person who leads the student section,” CJ Mathis, senior at MNSU and President of The Herd, stated.

“We have signs and we love leading the chants and chirping everyone. My favorite chant is ‘Condom’ which is where we spell condom and say ‘what’s that spell’ and it’s a chant for when we are on defense,” Mathis said.

The Herd also is responsible for planning the themes for the game as well as starting the chants.

This past week the men’s team won both games played against University of Massachusetts, the reigning national champions of last season.

“We’ve already knocked off the number one team in the nation and Friday we beat St. Cloud who beat us last year at the playoffs so I think this season is gonna be really exciting and the teams looking really really good,” Collin Jutting, senior at MNSU and Vice President of the Herd, shared. 

This year MNSU students and Maverick fans are able to attend the hockey games in person again after last season there were no fans allowed due to COVID-19 policies in place to protect the health of the players.

“Something I’m excited for this year is actually being able to go to the games this year since I wasn’t able to go last year because of COVID,” Tommy Walsh, sophomore at MNSU, said. 

“This season I’m really looking forward to Hockey Day in Minnesota,” Jillian Moor, sophomore at MNSU, shared.

“One of my favorite things to watch at the hockey games is when the players fight, I love it,” Brennah Huberty, sophomore at MNSU, said.

Being at the game to support your school is a great way to get involved, meet new people, and be a part of the Mankato community.

“I came to the hockey game to have fun since this is my first year and I’m really excited to just be a part of everything,” Rebecca Ward, freshman at MNSU, said.

“I decided to go to the game to represent my school and our number one team and have a great time with my friends,” Jenna Moseng, freshman at MNSU, shared.

MNSU men’s team fell short to the St. Cloud Huskies during the Frozen Four playoffs last season as fans had to watch the game on TV. 

“I’m looking forward to this season because we have a really good team this year and we can definitely get back to the Frozen Four and do some damage. I feel like a freshman again since this is the first year we could experience the game in person,” Connor Campbell, sophomore at MNSU, shared.

“The boys have been performing well and I hope we make it back to the top this season,” Will Asher, sophomore at MNSU, said.

“We’ve always been into going to big hockey games and it’s really exciting to see everyone. I came to the Friday game and it was so much fun,” Maddie Tilotta, sophomore at MNSU, said.

Fans can expect an action packed season as MNSU men’s hockey team is currently ranked number one according to the USCHO D1 men’s poll. 

For those who are interested to be more involved in The Herd, they are hosting their first official meeting 7 p.m. Wednesday in Morris Hall room 103.

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