Scooters are a huge success, going into hibernation

After only two months after its unveiling, the Bird scooters across Minnesota State University, Mankato have been a huge success. These scooters were implemented into campus life in August to help students quickly and efficiently move around while having fun. 

The MNSU Student Government made the decision to purchase the scooters last winter to bring something new for students to enjoy. As they predicted, the scooters are a big hit for students and staff alike.

David Cowan, Facilities Services Director, is thoroughly impressed with the impact the scooters have had on students. With 11,000 rides calculated thus far, it’s clear that students are enjoying this method of transportation to get around campus.

Cowan wanted to make sure the student government had an opportunity to ride the scooters, as they were the ones who helped bring them to campus. “They [student government] all have ridden the scooters because I made sure that they all got on the scooter on my nickel,” he stated.

To use the scooters there is a small price tag attached to it, with the University making some money off the scooter rides. 

“MSU gets a commission, we get 10 cents out of every dollar that starts up the scooter,” Cowan stated. “It has nothing to do with the minutes, the 39 cents a minute, we don’t get any of that.”

As of now, the University has made approximately $1,100 from the scooters.

One thought about the scooters is whether or not students will be utilizing them as much after the snow melts away and the scooters are safe to ride again.

“I think they’re here to stay. I think it’s a remarkable thing that in two months we can have 11,000 rides. That’s pretty remarkable,” Cowan commented.

As the weather reaches the cooler temperatures the scooters will be put into hibernation, as Cowan calls it. The scooters will be put into storage in early November and will then be brought back out next April, with weather permitting. This will help prevent any injuries that may take place with the snow that is sure to be here in the next few weeks.

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