Decorating your dorm for Halloween: best tips and tricks

It is officially spooky season, and what is Halloween weekend without a bit of scary, fall themed decor? There are many things residents can do to prepare for the holiday, but let’s chat about the most popular.

To preface, here are some things to note about decorating in the dorms; there are a handful of fire hazards and/or policy violations that you have to make sure to be conscious about when choosing your decorations. 

The first: don’t obstruct your fire alarm at all. Not only could covering it trigger it to go off, but as it’s a policy violation, it could get you in trouble. Secondly, try not to cover your light, as that could as well be a fire hazard. Similarly, while covering your door in decorations is cute, you have to be careful that it does not block your door, or cover too much of it, because that can as well be a fire hazard. Lastly, avoid hanging stuff from your ceiling, as that can also be a fire hazard.

Additionally, while not a policy violation, be careful with decorative gel clings- the colors in them can stain doors and walls, and could lead to an unfortunate fine at the end of the year.

However, gel clings can be great for your room windows. MNSU Junior John Shea stated, “I love using clings on my windows for a bunch of different holidays- they’re super fun.”

A popular decoration this year, which can be found on doors and walls all over residence halls, are 3D bat wall stickers. They come in large packs with a variety of sizes, and can be used to make trails or cover doors.

People also tend to be a fan of fake spider-web cotton, as long as it is not covering doors. This can be great to tack onto walls or in corners, creating an eerie effect.

Pumpkins are also always a good decoration, particularly the miniature ones you can find at grocery stores and such this time of year. These can be fun to put on window sills or outside your door, creating a more welcoming fall feeling.

Festive seasonal pillows, or even just pillowcases, are also an easy and cute decorative option for those who aren’t as into the more “clutter,” type items, as they can store away or be used for more purposes.

Battery-powered candles make for good spooky, flickering lighting without the fire hazard of a real candle. They can be placed in the corners of rooms or even outside doors for that eerie effect.

Any way you choose to decorate, just be sure to be creative, smart, and have fun with the experience.

Header Photo: Decorating Halloween pumpkins is essential for anyone to fully get into the spirit this autumn season. (Photo Courtesy of Flickr)

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