Celebrate Halloween by wearing that costume

So, you are an adult. You work long hours in order to pay for rent, your car, tuition, and all the other expenses that come with being grown up. 

Being grown up comes with the weight of acting like one. You might find yourself behaving in a way that is more “mature” and less childish. You do not ride the grocery cart like a scooter anymore, find yourself not playing with your food, or switch out buying Fortnite skins for buying up cryptocurrencies. 

For many, growing up comes with hanging up the celebration of Halloween, staying in and dressing in comfy sweatpants rather than an extravagant costume like years of the past. 

Stop that. That’s stupid. 

Sure we are adults now, sure we have real people responsibilities that we have to take care of. That doesn’t mean we have to stop having fun. Dressing up, looking dumb and having fun with friends is such an amazing experience that we get to have once a year, don’t waste it being a curmudgeon. 

Whether it is an in depth, mystical witch costume that you’ve put hours into and hundreds of dollars into at the yearly renaissance festival, or a silly joke costume that you bought at Halloween Express for $10, do it.

Halloween is literally the only day of the year that looking “normal” is seen as being weird, and will make you stand out. 

Being in a setting in which everyone has communally agreed that it is okay to look stupid is such an amazingly cathartic experience. Each person understands that the vibe of the night is that of weirdness and fun, and choosing to not partake in said fun makes you seem out of touch and look like a party pooper. 

Why do people choose to not dress up on Halloween? 

Feeling that dressing up is too childish might be one reason. Another reason might be the fear of looking dumb or out of place. It can be a nerve wracking experience to put yourself out there in that way, in a sense, dressing in a Halloween costume can make people feel extremely vulnerable. 

There are few moments of insecurity that quite match putting on a costume, looking yourself in the mirror and asking yourself “does this look stupid? Am I stupid for doing this?”

What’s worse about those questions is that the answer to both of them is yes. You do look stupid. You are a little stupid for doing that. 

But those feelings get washed away in a moment of intense relief the second someone else sees you in costume and yells “Oh my god! You look great!” 

After that, the night is yours. You get to go around and have fun with your friends and experience all that Halloween has to offer. 

So don’t be lame, dress up for Halloween. 

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