Frightening flicks to watch with friends

“Halloweentown” was released in 1998, but is still a spooky season classic. Minnesota State University, Mankato sophomore Chase Belka listed “Halloweetown” as his favorite spooky season movie. He gave a preview, “This girl finds out that she is actually half witch and has to go to Halloweentown to connect with that part of her life, and with her grandma.” Overall, Belka ranked the movie a one out of ten for scariness, making it perfect for all the scaredy-cats out there. However, if a movie is too much commitment, Belka suggested “American Horror Story” as a suitable fall show. 

As Halloween approaches, the atmosphere begins to shift and people begin to crave creepy, startings, or downright terrifying movies and shows to occupy their time. If “Halloweentown” isn’t itching that craving, MNSU sophomore Ella Miller says “Coraline” always makes her nostalgic. When she was young, Miller says it was a solid eight of ten spooky rating, but presently sits at more of a four. The movie is about, “It’s a cartoon about this girl who moves into a new house and she doesn’t like her family making her move into this house. She’s able to go into an alternate universe where this new family, who looks just like her family now, but with button eyes, gives her anything and everything she could ever want. And she realized that’s maybe not what she wants. They’re scary, and she wants her real family.” Coraline has to find her way out of this alternate universe, and back home.

If looking for something more mild, MNSU junior Grant Gualen put “Twitches” at a zero for it’s scary rating. The Disney movie is about, “Two twin sisters separated at birth and then they met up when they were like seventeen years old. And then they find out that they had these powers that they didn’t know about.”

Gualen also recommended a thriller for the holiday. As Gualen explained, “The Belko Experiment” is about a group of people who, “all work in the same building and then one day the building locks down. They have to complete tasks, and one by one, there’s only one winner. Only one person comes out alive.” 

Alternatively, another movie that may spook you is recommended by MNSU sophomore Jack Lewandowski. He ranked “Child’s Play” a six for scariness, and said if you’re looking for a laugh afterwards, the show “What We Do in The Shadows” is “A comedy show about four vampires that live together in Staten Island. It’s pretty funny.” and thus a great option this season.

Header Photo: Halloween is a time to watch the scariest thrillers with friends. (Julia Barton/The Reporter)

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