Halloween tricks to treat your guests

No party is better than a Halloween party. You get to dress up in costumes, eat loads of candy and dance the night away to “Thriller.”

Hosting a Halloween party can be scary, especially if you want to raise the standards of parties past. There are the decorations, the food, and more to consider. Follow these easy tricks to impress your guests.

Picking a theme hinders a lot of hosts from making a party. Unless you are hosting a specific themed party, like vampires, it’s best to stick with a general overall theme of Halloween. This way, your guests are free to wear whatever they want. However, if you want to pick a theme for your party, stick with a common theme that will be easy to buy and plan for. Vampires, zombies, horror movie villains, superheroes or decades are basic themes that allow your guests a variety of costumes to pick and choose from.

Decorations tell your guests the theme the minute they walk through the door. Finding a large party backdrop is a cheap and easy find found at any major retailer. Set this up along your buffet table or on a separate wall for your guests to take photos in front of throughout the night. Having a small bowl full of cheap photo booth props is a good addition too. Simple white balloons provide a blank canvas for drawing whatever you want on them. Whether it’s a ghost face, a spooky saying, spiders or bats, they are simple decorations that can be used at any Halloween party you throw. 

Food for a party should be simple finger foods. Your guests will likely be walking around and talking to others, so foods that can be eaten on a cocktail plate are the goal. For savory snacks, spice up your dip tray by sticking fragments of chips in to look like gravestones. Orange tinted eggs with a sprig of chive make the perfect pumpkins. To satisfy the sweet tooths, chocolate covered ghosts are a fun twist on this classic strawberry treat. Green almond bark dipped pretzels are not only fun to eat, but combine sweet and savory flavors.

Drinks are another fun aspect to entertain the guests. If you are making your own drinks at home, stick with drinks that are red, purple or black for a bloody and gory look. For those colder nights, hot and warm pumpkin or apple inspired drinks are pleasant to sip. An instant crowd pleaser is making ice hands. Pour water into two medical gloves, tie them off and freeze them for eight hours. Once frozen, cut the gloves off and throw them in the punch bowl for floating ghost hands. 

In the end, don’t worry about spending hundreds of dollars for one night. If you put in a little effort and have fun with your friends, it’ll be a Halloween night worth remembering.

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