Letter to the Editor: How Greek life at MNSU handles violations

Here at MSU-Mankato, we have an open line of communication between students, Greek life members, and administration/council members. 

As far as Greek life goes, there are various avenues that an individual can pursue to report an issue. 

Our bylaws and rules regarding the conduct of an organization are there to respond to allegations presented by an individual submitting an incident report online. 

More minor violations of policy are usually handled internally by the IFC and PHC Vice President of Conduct Review, myself and Lauren Karnitz, along with help from the Associate Director of Student Activities, Greg Wilkins. 

However, let me be extremely clear her: for severe infractions such as sexual violence, an individuals first report should go directly to the police. 

As governing bodies, IFC and PHC can only administer corrective action to a group on campus, NOT legal action against an individual. 

We are here to assist those both inside and outside of Maverick Fraternity and Sorority Life; we are not legal counsel, we are not police, and while we are completely willing to help connect individuals to the correct point of contact, our primary function is not legal discipline or advice. 

With all that being said, we all do everything within our power to give students a safe and positive college experience. I, along with all my fellow counsel officers and their counterparts want to foster a community based on positivity, communication, and growth. 

-Cameron Jahns

IFC VP Conduct Review

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