Students prepare for Halloween weekend

Students at Minnesota State University, Mankato are using this week to get ready for the Halloween festivities they’re about to participate in over the weekend. Whether they’re staying in for the night to binge-eat candy and watch Halloween movies or go out in their best costume, they’re all ready for the holiday. 

Dalton Kraay, a junior at MNSU, doesn’t have any definite plans for Halloween yet, but will be celebrating in some way or another.

“I’m probably going to party with friends after work,” Kraay explained.

As far as his costume, Kraay stated, “I thought of dressing up just to scare my buddies. I have some friends who are deathly afraid of clowns, so I was probably going to dress up as one.”

Freshman Ethan Elmes said he’s thrilled for the weekend and what he’s got planned to celebrate.

“I’ll go out partying for sure,” said Elmes, “My friends and I are dressing up as the “Average Joes’ from ‘Dodgeball.’”

Sophomore John Carlson will also be celebrating the spooky holiday in a traditional fashion.

“Well, I’m actually going home for Halloween. I’ll have a Halloween party with my family, but not with any friends,” Carlson stated. “I’m not sure what I’ll dress up as yet, but I’m thinking someone from a scary movie, like Jason from ‘Friday the 13.’”

While some students are excited to dress up and celebrate in the typical college fashion, others are looking to have a more relaxing night. 

Ricky Cano, a senior at MNSU, will be spending his weekend at the Maverick sporting events. 

“I am working MNSU athletic events this weekend. As of right now, I don’t think I’ll be going to any parties or dressing up in a costume,” Cano stated.

Other students are looking to spend the weekend at sporting events, including senior Cate Curtin.

“I also don’t have any plans for Halloween yet. I might go to the girls soccer game on Sunday, but that’s about it,” Curtin commented.

As far as dressing up for Halloween, she’s not sure yet if she’ll be doing so.

“There’s always a possibility I’ll dress up, but I usually don’t plan out for that.”

Senior Evan Case is also unsure of his Halloween plans, “I don’t have any plans as of now, I’ll probably just hang around and chill with my roommates. I won’t be dressing up either.”

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