What your favorite Halloween candy says about you

The joy of finally dumping out your sacred stash of Halloween candy that you lugged around for hours was a different type of happiness. With a careful eye, you divided the loot into two piles: one for the trash and the other for your stash. Based on what candy you kept, here’s what it says about your personality:

Reeses Cups– THIS IS THE ELITE CANDY! It doesn’t matter what type of Reeses, just the orange wrapper is enough to make us friends. I honestly pity people who have peanut allergies for missing out on one of the best candies out there. 

Kit Kats– Kit Kats are the runners-up to the Reeses. It’s a great candy and a classic, but not as amazing as Reeses. Depending on how you eat them determines your sanity. If you break it up, you’re normal. If you bite into it, I’m calling the police. 

Skittles– A fruity burst of flavor found in most candy bags, it’s a favorite for a reason. You are never a disappointment to be around. You take “taste the rainbow” seriously and try to find the good in everything. With all the positivity you bring, there’s a reason you’re always busy.

Caramel-filled chocolate– Whether it’s a Milkway, Twix or Snickers bar, if there’s caramel in it, you’re not opposed. You’re a pretty laid-back person. Impromptu plans are your thing and you have zero drama around. If there’s fun, you’re in.

Candy corn– You like to jump on the bandwagon. While quite the controversial candy of the season, probably the only reason you like it is that it’s “that time of year” and you want to participate in stereotypical Halloween events. There are better candies to enjoy, but I’ll let this one slide.

Dum-Dums– I’ll be upfront, you’re a procrastinator. With hundreds of flavors to choose from, you’ll take your time picking out which one you’re in the mood for. On top of that, you will take your sweet time eating it. “Sorry, I can’t clean my room. I’m too busy sucking on this penny-size lollipop.”

Sour Patch Kids– Only good things can be said about Sour Patch Kids. They’re fun, they’re flavorful and a fan favorite. The sour kick is just enough to get you going, so clearly if you enjoy these, you have lots of energy and a smile on your face complements your sassy kick.

Peppermints– Hold on a minute. I’m not opposed to having fresh breath, but let Halloween candy have its moment in the spotlight. Let’s face it, Christmas overpowers Thanksgiving, so wait until November 1st before peppermint dominates the scene through candy canes.

Lemon drops/gumdrops– I’m guessing you are an old soul considering the last time you had these were at your grandparent’s house. It says it in the name, you need to drop these like they’re hot. Speaking of hot…

Hot Tamales– If you eat these, you get the satisfaction of eating fresh candy that somehow tastes burnt. If I wanted to taste something smoky and delicious, I’d stand with my mouth open in front of a bonfire.

Smarties– Chances you like these, you are a former drug addict who craves a chalky taste. If you are more refined, you’ll pulverize them to dust that you can smoke instead. These pair well with a line of Pixi Sticks to snort. 

Milk Duds– If you eat these or any other sticky candy, there are only one of two reasons you decided to purchase these. One, you want to refine your jawline. Yes, it’s possible to have a razor-sharp jawline when you finish a box. Two, you bought these to give to your friend who won’t shut up, but with all the chewing needed, you’ll get some peace and quiet. Black Licorice– All I know is that you’ve been through some things. You have no emotions and dare I say, do you even have a soul? I don’t know who hurt you so bad, but I think it’d be best if you went and got some help.

Header Photo: Halloween is the holiday for consuming an outrageous amount of candy. No matter your age make sure you grab a sweet treat. (Photo Courtesy of Flickr)

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