How to brave the Minnesota cold this winter

With the outside temperatures in the negatives, the last thing students want to do is walk outside in the cold and chilling wind. 

Some students at Minnesota State University, Mankato are avoiding going outside as much as possible. MSU student Jenna Nieman limits her time outside as much as possible. In order to avoid the cold, Nieman takes advantage of the buses, shuttles, and tunnel system on campus. 

“I use [the tunnels] every day because I go over to Trafton,” said Nieman. “I’ll take the bus and it’ll drop me off at the CSU and I can go straight through. Honestly, I just don’t go outside, besides when I walk out to the bus stop.”

Leonardo De Souza is a Crawford Community Advisor. As part of his class touring responsibilities, he points out tunnel options to the students and where they lead to. 

“They have them from the dorms. Not necessarily downstairs, but upstairs as well. They have connections,” said Souza. 

Maps of the tunnel system can be found on the MSU website. Students can use this to plan their path to classes. Like Nieman, Souza often uses the tunnels.

“I think it’s very beneficial because, being someone that hates the cold weather, I think it’s important not to go outside, especially when it’s cold like it is right now,” said Souza. “I use it all the time. I love the tunnel system.” 

Although the tunnels may seem like a maze at first, they’re helpful to keep students warm while walking around campus to their classes.

 “You can always ask around. Like, ‘how do I get to Armstrong? How do I get to the CSU?’” Souza pointed out.

For students who need to access their cars or get around the city, the buses and shuttles are constantly being driven around the campus. 

“Most students have parking here or in lot 16, but most of them, as well, have parking in lots one and two, which is way over there by the baseball field. [The shuttles and buses] make it easy so you don’t have to walk there,” said Souza. “You can also go to Walmart or downtown with the shuttles they have, you can go everywhere.” 

Riding the bus is free for students with proof of their MavCard. Their routes and times can be found on the MSU website.  

However, if you do have to go outside, bundle up against the cold and wind to avoid getting frostbite. To warm up, there are always places to snag coffee and hot cocoa on campus. Places like Jazzman’s in the Centennial Student Union and Einstein Bagels in the Taylor Center are great places to grab some warm treats. 

“I like the mocha that Jazzman’s has,” said Souza.

Nieman opts for the other coffee location on campus, “I love the Einstein Bagels in the Taylor Center. They have good coffee there.”

Header Photo: Walking through the tunnels on campus is a great way to avoid the cold and wind. (Dylan Engel/ The Reporter)

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