What are Mavs doing over spring break?

Spring Break is right around the corner for students at Minnesota State University, Mankato, and the annual problem for these students is finding a good way to spend it.  

MSU freshman Brooke Van Gelderen is spending her break taking a road trip to Chicago with some friends. This will be Van Gelderen’s first time in the windy city, and she’s looking forward to spending time with her friends the most. 

“The day spring break starts, [my friends and I] are going to drive that night to Chicago. We are going to drive through the night, and we’re going to switch people so we don’t fall asleep on the road,” said Van Gelderen. “We’re going to spend time there seeing sites around Chicago, go get deep dish pizza, and see Lake Michigan. We’re just going to  have fun around the city.” 

However, not everyone has the opportunity to travel. For those sticking around the area, Van Gelderen suggests getting out and exploring Mankato.

“Get some rest and have a little bit of fun and definitely try to explore the town a little bit,” Van Gelderen. “I know it can feel a little bit small, but every once in a while I’ll go and see it by myself and I’ll find something new.” 

MSU junior Rachel Ruschmeyer is a Mankato native and will be staying in the city over spring break. She plans to tackle some cleaning and studying over break as well as taking the time to rest and recharge. As a resident of the area, she had some suggestions for what people can do around town. 

“If the weather isn’t as nice, you can always go bowling, I love doing that. You can always visit the mall and go shopping, that’s fun too,” said Ruschmeyer. “If the weather’s nice, Sibley Park and Minneopa are always fun as well.” 

Minneopa State Park is located approximately five miles from campus. Students can go there to enjoy the view of a waterfall and hike some trails. 

MSU also offers an annual spring break volunteering opportunity for students through Student Activities. This year, the group is heading to the Twin Cities to work on a few service projects.   

Olivia Netzke, a postsecondary enrollment options student at MSU, is planning to work over break. However, she noted that students should take a break from studying and do activities they enjoy.

“I would advise people to spend time with their family or their friends,” said Netzke. “Really try to focus on what you want to do.”

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