‘Bridgerton’ comes into its own in Season 2

Award-winning Netflix original show “Bridgerton”, which follows a Regency-esque society, released its second season on March 25, quickly becoming the streaming platform’s third most watched season ever. The season introduced well-loved characters, new hairstyles, and easily paved the way for a third season.

Something commonly noted by viewers was how much more attractive the entire cast was deemed, and it was often attributed to, perhaps, a higher budget or new costume designers. I believe it’s simpler than that. “Bridgerton”, while partially emulating Regency style, has its own modern aesthetic, specifically in episode one’s orchestral cover of Madonna’s “Material Girl” being an obvious shout-out to that. 

The reason the characters seemed more attractive this season, in my opinion, is they embraced that modernity and the show gave the characters more modern hairstyles and makeup choices. They got rid of Anthony’s mutton chops (thank goodness) and gave Daphne the curtain-style bangs that are in fashion right now. These small choices made the characters more palatable to the modern eye.

Something to note that “Bridgerton” has done and discussed since the beginning was to include people of color in positions of high society, no matter how “historically inaccurate” it may be. As aforementioned, “Bridgerton” is imitating a Western European Regency era society- imitating being the key word. It is a fantasy series, and to include POC in these positions is absolutely acceptable and wonderful to see. People of color deserve to see themselves in fantasy, despite historical accuracy.

The Sharma sisters are a notable pair in this season, as they are the main characters and describe a new family dynamic that we had not yet witnessed in this show. They show both a close, trusting love and a realistic fight between two best friends who still love each other. 

Kate had been put in a difficult position as Edwina’s caregiver and big sister, trying to protect her and keep her happy all at the same time. They brought something new to the show with their South Asian influences and customs. The sisters were an entrancing pair, both to the show’s other characters and the audience.

This season, in particular the last few episodes, laid ground for upcoming seasons in a few different ways. Most notably is some character progression from Penelope. She was in difficult spots this season and rounded it out by making poor choices. In my opinion, she was fairly selfish this season, despite thinking that she was doing what was best for others, but that’s beside the point. 

With her choosing to continue being Whistledown, the conversation she overheard Colin having, and her ruined relationship with Eloise, Penelope has been set up to be the center of season three. The series focuses on the Bridgerton children getting married, Colin is coming up in succession, as his older siblings have gotten married or found their calling. It would make sense for his and Penelope’s relationship to develop.

Overall, the show grew into the second season and developed its fun and adored aesthetic. The newly introduced storylines opened doors for future seasons and Netflix is making strides in creating POC characters. Hopefully, Penelope makes better choices next season, Eloise will reconcile with Theo, and Edwina will find her match.

Header Photo: The popular Netflix show, “Bridgerton” released its long-awaited second season on March 25. With new characters and new drama to indulge in, it sets up season 3 in the best way. (Courtesy photo of Netflix)

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