The importance of voting

Student loan forgiveness is one the biggest topics discussed among the student population this year. With the Biden-Harris Administration providing up to $20,000 in student loan debt relief is a huge win for anyone who has racked up loans in order to pay for higher education. We as student should educate ourselves in the conversation on who is our elected officials and what they stand for in this year’s upcoming election on November 8. Important topics that can directly impact your future and the potential generations to come is something that those elected have power over. 

With Roe versus Wade getting turned over earlier this year, it is clear that those we elected have the final say in what our society allows. Now more than ever it is important to vote for who you wish to have at the table when those critical decisions are being made. Just like how you’d want the university to consult students when putting in a new facility, you’d want your voice heard and your input on what your representative stands for and makes decisions for on your behalf. 

Your voice is so important. We as students have a unique situation as we see what we can do when a whole generation goes to the polls. It is no doubt that the youth or young voter turnouts have major impact in mainstream elections. Social media is one of the newer tools used to share information and influences thousands about what you may need to know about. More often than you think students get their news from social media. Whether it’s from Tik Tok, Twitter or Snapchat, the younger generation are on their phones more frequently than any other generation. 

Making sure you do your research, is another important aspect when educating yourself on who to vote for. There is a lot of “fake news” in this era as the creation of deep fakes is now something we have to bring into question when listening to a leader. Comprehending what that candidate stands for and the issues that are at the top of their list is essential when deciding if that person is the best fit to represent you.

It is your civil right to go and vote in the United States. Democracy is what this nation was built on so being able to cast your say in how our country operates is your right. The voting procedures are easier than you may think. Your votes can be cast in-person on November 8, or mailed or filed online. To find voting information and learn where you can vote visit https://pollfinder.sos.state.mn.us/.

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