Mark Poolos brings comedy to ‘Kato

Comedian Mark Poolos performed a comedy show for students in the Centennial Student Union Ballroom Wednesday. Free Chick-Fil-A dinner was distributed to attendees. 

Poolos has been a comedian for over two decades. During that time, he’s delivered punchlines across the U.S. and Canada, appearing on comedy TV shows like “The Carbonaro Effect.” 

“I have been a comic for 22 years. I started in 2000 and quickly started touring. I really enjoyed the road and meeting new people and seeing new places,” Poolos said.

Poolos’ career as a comedian came to a halt because of a combination of family life and the COVID-19 pandemic, which brought forth his new career as a realtor. 

“Eventually I got married and had two kids and had to come home. I was surprised how easily I slid into real estate; it was very scary only knowing comedy and to start over,” Poolos said. 

Poolos’ initial concerns about adjusting to the real estate world quickly vanished, however, when he realized that selling a house has many similar aspects to selling an audience.

“Once I learned the legal stuff, contracts and whatnot, real estate is very much like comedy. It is all about the relationships and always showing up, going the extra mile, and being likable,” Poolos said.

Poolos has performed at high schools and college campuses but this was his first time doing a show on campus at MSU. Based on the audience’s reception to the show, it may not be the last.

“This one was so much fun. Everyone was so nice and the crowd was amazing. Just fun and laughter,” Poolos said.

In Poolos’ routines, he weaves stories of his life as a self-proclaimed “bumbling jolly giant” with a fast, engaging storytelling style. Poolos wants the audience to have just as much fun hearing the story as he does telling it.

“I do have some bits and lines people will quote me after and that make me smile. I just enjoy making people laugh and if they remember me years down the line, that is great too,” Poolos said.

Poolos knows what it’s like to start out as a struggling comedian, and urges wannabe comics to make sure they have a good income first because, as a beginner, comedy won’t pay the bills for a while.

“Have a good day job and go from there. These days it is impossible to make a living starting out. Work on marketing and social media; those are your ins now. And write clean sets even if you hate it because corporate, college, and fundraiser comedy sounds boring but it pays the bills between the fun clubs,” Poolos said.

Header Photo: From real funny to real estate, Mark Poolos uses his skills and passions to the best of his interest; a skill students can learn from. Poolos urges students to follow their passions, with stability backing them up. (Dylan Long/The Reporter)

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