Students should have accessible parking

For students who live off campus, there’s a daily struggle to be faced. Running the risk of being late, students have to decide whether they attend class on time or if they should gamble getting a parking ticket. We, as students, shouldn’t have to worry about choosing between tarnishing our academic record and securing a parking spot, no matter where we park.

While we understand that students need to pay for passes that are closer to campus, it’s important to recognize that certain students may not be able to purchase passes. Parking passes range between $70-360. To some students, that money could go towards rent, utilities and food. Students should not have to worry about finding a place to live or putting food in their pantry as opposed to buying a parking pass.  Accessible parking prices would allow more students to purchase passes as opposed to limiting them due to their budget.

Limiting parking options for students in turn causes them to seek availability elsewhere. This can lead to cars trickling into nearby neighborhoods, clogging up the streets. We as students should be good citizens to those homes surrounding campus and park in the designated areas to ensure we are respecting their space. 

For students who live off campus, timing is crucial in ensuring they are able to secure parking spots. Some students and faculty do not live in Mankato, making daily commutes to and from campus. Depending on weather and uncertain events that may appear, obstacles can prevent us from getting to campus; that’s out of our control. Having to receive a ticket after being unable to get to campus due to unexpected occurrences dampens an already sour mood. 

We as students already have to worry about the cost of buying textbooks, tuition and dining plans on top of a multitude of other financial responsibilities. While we aren’t saying we should rid parking passes, having more accessible options for students to utilize would be beneficial.

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