Snow days are the perfect reset

With the flurries incoming nonstop for the next few days and Minnesota State resorting to virtual learning, we as students should take advantage of the impromptu break to catch up on work.

Since we didn’t get President’s Day off Monday like many other schools, this two-day break definitely makes up for it. This blizzard, I’m sure, reminds many of us who grew up in Minnesota of the snow days we used to have as a child. Waking up and realizing that we had no obligations to get out of bed. 

However, ever since COVID, the universities around the country figured out ways students can learn remotely. Even though the snow is here, learning doesn’t stop. 

Living in the digital age can be a blessing and a curse. Although now we can all stay connected through our devices, many of us feel the pressure to always “be tuned in.” Whether that means constantly checking our social media platforms, or thinking that you could always be working on something, we as students feel the need to constantly be doing something. 

Taking time to let yourself rest in between the busy schedules of classes is important. In the spring semester, there are fewer breaks than in the fall. We as students should use this time to do some self care and reset so we can finish off the year feeling great. 

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