Making the most of warmer weather

These past few weeks in Laramie have been filled with nicer weather and I have been soaking up every moment in many ways, some as simple as enjoying my walks to class without a jacket, or reading in parks. The spring sun always feels refreshing.

Although there have been scattered snow storms, the weather has stayed consistently warmer. 

I am quite excited for this change in weather. When I arrived in January, it had been cold — but it was not as snow covered as Minnesota. As the semester progressed, the weather got harsher, filling the rolling hills and mountain tops with snow, creating a beautiful winter wonderland. 

I enjoyed a few winter hikes and trips over the mountains to explore Fort Collins, Colorado, where the weather is usually warmer. But I am very excited to have the opportunity to start exploring more of the areas a bit closer to Laramie. 

There is a recreational area called Vedauwoo where there are some gorgeous trails, but due to the weather I haven’t been able to explore it. With the change in temperature, I think it will make a wonderful Saturday activity. 

I am also excited to see the rolling prairie land surrounding the area. I love the landscape; seeing it in full bloom before I leave would be a dream come true. 

Unfortunately, I have yet to make it to some of the national parks that I would like to see. I am hoping to find a sliver of time to make it to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. Although I am not sure I will quite make it to the western part of the state.

I am planning, however, to drive up to Devil’s Tower and pass through the Black Hills on my long drive back home at semester’s end. 

I am sad to know that I am leaving this beautiful state in just a little over a month. I have found myself quite at peace. The mountains are calming. 

There is a part of me that wishes I could stay a bit longer, and I have a feeling that this is somewhere I will keep close to my heart and visit later on in life. 

One thing I know is I will take in every last moment here,  fill my weekends with fun activities and explore as much as I can.

Header photo: I have been enjoying the warmer weather in many ways, but my favorite so far has been reading outside. (Courtesy Andrea Schoenecker)

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