Mav Success Workshop gives students tips to survive finals

The Maverick Success Workshop has returned to campus, offering students new insights on ways to improve their school habits. On the agenda this week is how to survive college finals and all the stress that comes with it.

According to the National College Health Association, 45% of American college students claim to undergo “more than average stress,” while 33% of students report “average stress.” Another 12.7% say that their stress is  “tremendous.” Students who reported “no stress” or “less than average stress” regarding their school life amounted to a combined total of just 9%.

This week’s Maverick Success Workshop, put on by the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Office, aims to counteract those feelings. In charge of the event is Sherona Stewart, graduate student and assistant to the DEI office.

“The workshop will cover strategy and technique used to study, do’s and don’ts of studying, study style, dealing with anxiety for academics and more,” Stewart said.

Stewart is a current student at Minnesota State, pursuing a master’s degree in public health. As a Program Advisor for the Maverick Success Workshops, she conducts weekly meetings with students who are struggling to guide them toward achieving their academic goals.

Despite being the one teaching at the workshops, Stewart herself has done a fair bit of learning from the workshops, and the lessons she’s educating students on.

“The Maverick Success Workshop helped me to improve my public speaking skills, (and) helped me to discover other needs of students that I can aid students with through the workshops. It gives me the opportunity to learn specific information about the department that I can apply to my life,” Stewart said.

Past themes covered in the workshops include time management, resume building, studying tips, budgeting and more.

According to Stewart, the workshops are only good for the students who attend them. It can help them build a variety of skills, not only pertaining to school, but also for life in general.

“It’s a great opportunity to learn something new, gain inspiration, make friends, and expand the knowledge and understanding of ourselves. We also have study supplies for students that may require them,” Stewart said.

One tip for studying is to utilize professors’ office hours. If you are having trouble with a concept or topic, your professors can help. Not only could they help to make the material more understandable, but building a relationship with your professor is also important. It could even lead to potential career opportunities down the line.

Another tip is to be sure to give yourself mental breaks. The brain can only handle so much new information, so taking the time to let your head cool down can help in the long run to retain more information.

For graduate student Kaycee Ryan, her favorite way to study is rewriting notes, to remember them better.

“I rewrite all my notes on colored paper, so I can section off different topics and better associate things in my brain. It also makes studying more interesting that way to me,” Ryan said.

The next Maverick Success Workshop is coming up this Wednesday, on April 19. 

Header Photo: The Maverick Success Workshop has occurred nearly every week this semester on campus, covering a variety of topics. Past themes have included studying tips, budgeting, and building resumes. (Phedias Pierides/The Reporter)

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