Greek life recruitment set to soar

Welcome week has officially come to an end, yet more welcoming is on the horizon for Minnesota State’s Greek life. 

For sororities, recruitment looks different this year than years prior; rather than having a formal recruitment, Greek life is running a partially structured recruitment with continuous open bidding. Recruitment will stretch for a shorter period of time, with potential new members, or PNMs, able to attend events and meet members. If a sorority and a PNM choose each other, they will become inducted. 

“It’s definitely a new struggle that we’re doing; trying to change from formal recruitment to partially structured recruitment,” vice president of recruitment information, Madison Chelmo said. “It’s a lot different, but I think that it’ll be more beneficial in the long run.”

For fraternities, there is both a formal and informal recruitment process that students undergo. During formal recruitment, those interested spend time with each house, and if they are enjoying their time with the PNM, they are given a bid. Alternatively, informal recruitment consists of one house meeting with a PNM, and the decision to be granted a bid takes off from there. 

“A lot of fraternities already have people signed, which is not the case this early in the semester, so it’s just really awesome to see,” said Collin Jutting, President of the Interpretational Council, which governs the body of fraternity life.

Alpha Chi Omega is one of the sororities on campus, keeping Chelmo on her toes during this recruitment season. Chelmo is entering her senior year at MSU, and joined the sorority during her freshman year. 

“I wanted a way to meet friends because I had joined during COVID year, and at that point, it was kind of already harder to meet people,” Chelmo said. “I also wanted to be a part of a group on campus that is doing something for a good reason.”

Each fraternity and sorority on campus have a philanthropy to fulfill, which they dedicate time and money toward throughout the year. Alpha Chi Omega’s, for example, is for victims of domestic violence. 

“I really partially joined Alpha Chi because of our philanthropy,” Chelmo said. “It’s fun, it looks great on a resume, it’s something to stay involved on campus, you’re raising money for your philanthropy, and you get to meet and do socials with other sororities and fraternities on campus.”

With an overflow of new students on campus, Greek life has put forth a great deal of effort in hopes of growing the organization, and encouraging those interested to take a leap of faith. 

“It just gives you an opportunity to do something bigger than yourself,” Jutting said. “Our community is pretty tight-knit so I know almost everybody in every other fraternity and sorority. You just get to be a part of a big group of like-minded individuals.”

Header photo:  Potential new members will go through formal and informal recruitment to pick which fraternity or sorority they want to be a part of. (Lilly Anderson/The Reporter)

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