Fun things to do around MSU

Minnesota State thrives on its ability to entertain its precious Mavericks. On the off chance there is no lively event on any given day, there are always fun things to do on campus and in the Mankato area. 

1. Maverick Bullpen

On the bottom floor of the CSU is where you can find one of the nation’s largest university game rooms. From bowling to billiard tables, gaming stations, a TV lounge, weekly karaoke, and even a snack bar, the bullpen is the perfect location for a competitive night with friends.

2. Climbing walls

If you have ever dreamed of climbing a mountain, we have the next best thing right on campus. For those brave Mavericks, there are both indoor and outdoor climbing walls. The outdoor rock is located through parking lot 1, past the intramural sports fields at the end of the street. The indoor wall is in the southeast corner of the Myers Field House. For MSU students, these walls are completely free and open 6:30-10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday.

3. Red Jacket trail 

Although the Otto Recreation Center is available to help you get your steps in, a notable park in Mankato is Red Jacket trail, located west of downtown. With its gorgeous scenery and a running river, Red Jacket is a place to visit if you have yet to conquer its trails. 

4. Kato Escape

Have you ever been locked inside of a room with no obvious way to escape? Kato Escape room, located on South Front Street will help you prepare for this circumstance, providing an adventurous and mysterious experience for you and your group. 

5. Sand volleyball 

If you have ever walked around the dorm complexes on campus, you might have seen clusters of students barefooted in action on the sand volleyball courts. Feel free to join them, as these courts are available for anyone to use and enjoy. 

6. Wow! Zone

Similar to the Bullpen, the Wow! Zone offers bowling, mini golf, arcade games, laser tag and a sports bar. Located on Adams Street, the Wow! Zone is a popular place in Mankato for all ages, from baby to senior citizen. 

7. People watching in the CSU

The CSU is home to a surplus of entertainment, all from the comfort of one of its many seating options. Grab some grub and a Starbucks drink and do some homework while taking in the peaceful chaos around you. There is tabling often with free giveaways, and always someone to talk to. 

8. Ostrander Auditorium

The Ostrander Auditorium in the CSU usually has some sort of entertainment inside. They have frequent films played, BINGO nights, drag shows, mini concerts, and more, sometimes paired with free popcorn. 

Whether you are new or old to MSU, staying on top of the entertainment resources around you will not only label you as the fun friend, but it will also provide you with memories to last a lifetime.

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Header Photo: Around campus there are plenty of fun things to do during all of Minnesota’s complicated seasons. When there is warmer weather, students can be seen playing outdoor activities such as beach volleyball outside of the dorm halls. (Lilly Anderson/The Reporter)

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