OPINION: Fall is the most underrated season

As we approach the second half of September, I’m still waiting for those fall temperatures. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer and the lack of responsibilities it brings for college students. I also love going up to my lake cabin, driving around town with my summer playlist and eating dinner outside with my friends and family. After the blazing temperatures from this past summer of humidity galore, I’ve been waiting for fall to make its appearance.

Fall is truly one of the most underrated seasons. People love summer for the hot weather, fun activities and being out of school. Winter is OK, but after Christmas, the snow and ice do not serve their purpose unless it’s just to make driving difficult and raise our heating bills. Spring is the closest equivalent to fall, but the muddy slush and chance for another potential round of snowstorms knock it down just a little bit. Fall is a pinnacle season as it combines all the seasons into a perfect one. 

Fall has the perfect balance of warm summer days and cooler fall weather. Nothing beats wearing shorts and having a crew neck sweatshirt on. Flannels and sweaters make their debut, and I’m all for clothes that make it feel like you’re still sleeping in bed. When it gets a bit chillier, I’m more than ready to break out my massive collection of sweatshirts and leggings. The colder weather isn’t freezing which I hate about the winter. If you’re out in the sun, it’s the perfect balance of warm and cold. You don’t have to worry about ruining your shoes with the icy slush either. Fall clothes are superior and I won’t debate it any further. 

Certain activities are 10 times more fun in the fall as well. Summertime firepits are great, but mosquitos are annoying and if the day is hot, the last place I want to be is sitting next to an open flame. 

Firepits in the fall, where you’re huddled up in a blanket and roasting marshmallows on a cool night, is where I want to be. An apple orchard is also a must-visit for the fall. If there’s a pumpkin patch connected to the orchard, even better! Sure, it’s overpriced, but I’m more than ready to drop a few extra bucks for a bag of apples and some jam or baked goods as well. Fall-themed drinks and foods are warm, comforting and worth the wait after a summer of iced drinks and chilled sandwiches. 

When I was younger, as soon as October rolled around, I used to call it “the season of awesomeness.” The last three months of the year have something fun to look forward to: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now add the start of hockey season and homecoming and there are even more fun events to anticipate. Midterms and finals suck, but if you can let loose at a football game or a fun Halloween party, it makes it easier to get through the week. 

All seasons of the year have something good, but fall shouldn’t be overlooked. With perfect weather, fun activities and comfy clothes, I can overlook school starting up all over again and the stress of assignments. Now if only the weather could chill out a bit…

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Header Photo: As temperatures are finally beginning to cool down in Minnesota, autumn appears to be right around the corner– a sigh of relief for fall lovers everywhere. Fall is the time to celebrate all things spooky and appreciate nature. (Wikimedia)

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