New Dean in The College of Business

Minnesota State’s College of Business welcomes a new dean, Seung Bach. 

Bach came to MSU from California State University, Bakersfield, where he worked for 20 years.

“I was there as a professor as center director, and as Associate Dean, and eventually getting into the interim dean position,” said Bach. “I chose a different track, I was growing up and then changed to the administration position.”

It is now Bach’s third month working at MSU. Throughout this time he was able to meet with faculty members, community partners and students in his college.

“During August and September, the first event when I met up with our student was just casual after hours, but recently, when I was leaving the building, I encountered a few students heading back to the building after hours. So I said ‘Where are you going?’ And then they said that they had a student club meeting there. So I volunteered to pop in and to say hello,” said Bach.

Bach said he saw potential in MSU and wanted to contribute not only to students but also to staff and faculty members of this college.

“This school is full of potential, and they’re well connected to the community. it is a very renowned, reputable school, and still, there is a little room to grow,” said Bach. “So I chose that as my next job because I see myself as the instrument and want to use this opportunity.”

The main goal for Bach this year is to provide affordable education for everyone. Bach said he was inspired by Destination 2030, announced by President Edward Inch, to work toward this goal and make sure that education is accessible to people with a variety of goals.

“Diversity, equity and the students are not going in a different way. It is all connected,” said Bach. “I love to be part of the endeavor in achieving the Destination 2030 which was introduced by President Inch at the convocation. So I picked lifelong education as my main goal for this year. Now, I am looking into our academic programs to see whether they are really equitable, affordable and open to many people, such as a degree seeker or non-degree seeker, and traditional students or adult learners.”

The College of Business plans more events during Fall 2023, and Bach said he wants to visit to meet more people. Big Ideas Challenge is one of the occurrences that Bach invites students to see. He says this year the event will have a new element.

“This year, we’re going to try something different,” said Bach. “We invited high school students. They are going through school-level competition, and they will be as school representatives. We will have a high school student pitch competition before the event.”

Dean Bach said he loves to see students walking around the campus and is always open to listen and learn about them. He takes opportunities to connect with students and contribute to the prosperity of the College of Business. 

Header photo: Seung Bach is the new dean of the College of Buisness at Minnestoa State Mankato. (Dylan Long/The Reporter)

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