Mav Ave dining options for students

Taking a break from college is sometimes very much needed. It is very important to recharge and sometimes, grab a bite. At Mav Ave, located in the Centennial Student Union, students can choose from its many options. From Firehouse Subs to sushi, choices are plentiful at Mav Ave. 

MSU has a typical dining center, but Mav Ave offers a lot of popular restaurants many students crave, and can be an easy-access option when students are in a hurry and don’t have time to stop at the dining hall. 

Below are the listed dining places located at Mav Ave: 

  1. Starbucks 

Starbucks was voted  the most popular choice at Mav Ave for students. It’s an easy stop for students who want an energy boost before early morning classes., whether it be a caramel macchiato or a cool Mango Dragon Fruit refresher. They also have breakfast and pastry options for students looking for a quick bite to eat. 

  1. Chick-fil-A 

Chick-fil-A was also voted a hotspot in the CSU.  Students line up at noon everyday for lunch. It’s also considered a well-known place to dine in.

”The reason I believe Chick-fil-A is the most popular place at Mav Ave is because it’s already such a popular fast food place that is also conveniently placed on Campus and another option for those who do not want to go to the dining hall,” freshman Lex Lustig said. 

The place offers chicken menu items and their famous waffle fries, which makes it incredibly trendy among students. 

  1. Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh

Looking for something new?  Try Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh. It offers Mediterranean style cuisine that varies from gyros to salads. The ingredients are all fresh and can also be an option to dine in if you are looking for something simple and nutritious which gives many customizable options to those with diet restrictions and food allergies. 

  1. Taco Bell Express 

Everyone knows Taco Bell, a great place to get tacos, crunchwraps, quesadillas, burritos, nachos and more. If you’re looking for a delicious and rich bite, Taco Bell is your place.

  1. Union Grill

The Union Grill serves classic food items for anyone who wants a simple-yet-filling lunch or breakfast. They offer pancakes, breakfast bowls, and omelets for those who would rather stop by at the CSU before classes. For the rest of the day, they offer a full menu of  burgers, sandwiches and fries.

  1. Firehouse Subs 

Firehouse Subs serves a variety of custom sub sandwiches with a great selection of meats, cheeses, and veggies, and they accommodate students with diet restrictions.

“Firehouse Subs is the best option since they have many substitutions for those with diet restrictions such as gluten free bread and as someone with a high fructose allergy, they also take food allergies into consideration,” Freshman Faith Pereda said. 

It is important that many dining places take diet restrictions and food allergies into consideration like Firehouse Subs as they offer substitutes for certain food items.

  1. Hissho Sushi 

Hissho offers a most-loved and popular food item: sushi. Fresh-crafted rolls that are made from premium ingredients that are sourced. Rolls are created everyday for students who wish to try something new, and it has been proven that Hissho Sushi reaches a healthy standard for those with a great craving.

  1. Peking Plate 

Peking Plate serves Asian-inspired cuisine such as sweet and sour chicken, beef and broccoli, Mongolian pork and bulgogi beef. Like mentioned before, the CSU offers a lot of international options, and Peking Plate has a big selection of savory mixes and classic Asian dishes.

  1. Seasons 

Seasons offers salads and wraps made from fresh vegetables, dressings, protein, cheeses and a variety of toppings with soups also being offered daily. This place can be another healthy option for students with diet restrictions as both wraps and salads can be customized to anyone’s liking.

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Header Photo: MavAve contains several seating options for students inside of the CSU to sit and enjoy a quick meal, complete some homework, or socialize with good friends. (Nate Tilahun/The Reporter)

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