Students United visits Student Government

Members from Students United paid a visit to Student Government Wednesday to talk about the organization and how students can get involved. 

Founded in 1967, Students United is a non-profit coalition that advocates for the seven universities in the Minnesota State system. Members of the board are tasked with advocating for students’ needs on both local, state and federal levels. 

Treasurer Kendra Draeger shared the vision of Students United which includes the inclusiveness of policies and leadership in higher education. Draeger said it’s important for student leaders to be at decision-making tables. 

“We make that possible by having students testify to the Board of Trustees, having our officers at the Chancellor’s meeting and trying to represent you all by coming to your campus,” Draeger said. “This helps strengthen student advocacy which creates a more robust higher education system and community.” 

State Chair Marwah Asif said the values of Students United, which include diversity, student leadership and next-level thinking, help the group achieve its goals in an equitable manner. 

“Your college should be more than a piece of paper. We should offer you professional development and offer you skills to help you, not just in your workplace, but on an everyday basis,” Asif said. 

Some of the accomplishments Students United has achieved in the last few years include free menstrual products on campus, aiding in voter registration and the Hunger Free Campus Grant, an initiative to increase access to campus food pantries. 

While no priorities have been set for the upcoming year, members are observing trends on other campuses such as getting resources and financial help for student-parents. 

Students looking to get involved with Students United can contact Student Government President Sierra Roiger or go online to

Header photo: Students United Vice Chair Emma Gabbert (from left), Treasurer Kendra Draeger and State Chair Marwah Asif spoke to Student Government about the organization Wednesday night. (Alexis Darrow/The Reporter)

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