A LEGO building battle

A Lego building contest was held at Centennial Student Union Tuesday for any student to swing by and build Legos. Each team was awarded points based on performance and team members. The different sets being used included a monster truck, an airplane, and a parrot. Many students arrived well before the start of the competition, enthusiastic to participate. 

Keb Spear, MSU’sHomecoming Competitions Chair, said the contest brought a sense of nostalgia for all involved.

“A lot of people grew up with legos,” said Spear. “It’s a big part of people’s lives. There are a lot of mainstream Lego competitions that do what we are doing, which is speed-building. We’re just hoping to make that a new tradition here at MSU.”

Spear also said he was looking forward to watching students compete.

“I’m just looking forward to people’s reactions and seeing the Lego sets that we’ve already built and just watching them have fun with it.”

As for the students competing, many shared a common excitement for the competition and a hunger to win. Aviation students Kaden Schafer and Zachary Niece set out to win a trophy for a Greek Life competition. In the competition, players earn points by participating in different events on campus, which is what Schafer and Niece had set out to do along with many others. 

“It makes it more competitive and more involved by showing up with school spirit,” Schaffer said. As for the event itself, Schaffer supported the idea of building Legos.

“I like the idea. I think it’s fun and kind of reminds me of childhood,” said Schaffer. “It’s something better to do than take all of those midterms. I always like homecoming.” 

“It seems like a cool deal. I’m happy that I came,” said Niece. “It looks pretty well set up. I like it.”

A friend of theirs, Edward Nguyen, a student majoring in management information systems, also said he was determined to win the competition and engage in some teamwork.

“Can’t go wrong with building Legos,” said Nguyen. “We’re all definitely going to have to work fast.”

Hailey Elmhorst, a student majoring in elementary education, and Abby Cano, a student majoring in sports management, said that they were both excited to see how the event played out. 

“I don’t really know what to expect so I’m kind of excited to see how this goes down,” said Elmhorst. “I haven’t built Legos in a very long time so we’re gonna see how good I am.”

“I am so excited to build Legos,” Cano said. “At home, I have a huge pack of Legos that I just build because I really like Legos. I’m just really excited and I hope we win.”

Both students also said they were looking forward to working in teams. 

“I’m looking forward to making more connections with the other people on our team,” said Elmhorst.

“I’m very excited for team bonding and seeing how well we do,” Cano said. 

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Header Photo: The Lego building contest consisted of three speed rounds won by being the first to build the provided set; the first to finish with the least amount of errors won it all. (Dalton Grubb/The Reporter)

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